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Unveiling the Hidden Masterpieces: How eSports Unleash the Artistry and Genius of Game Designers!

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In the past, video games were considered a purely recreational pursuit. However, eSports have become a formidable global phenomenon with an audience of billions!

Today, the staggering rise of eSports has brought forth an unprecedented level of competition in all areas of life – from our homes to our workplaces and beyond!

For instance, we can observe this phenomenon within our households as parents allow their children to partake in organized sports such as soccer and basketball. Youth leagues are becoming more prevalent; moreover, some universities even offer programs that cater specifically towards eSports competitions!

Similarly, corporations are not far behind when it comes to fostering an environment conducive for their employees’ passion: various sporting teams have been established for the purpose of bringing gamers together through team-based competition while also providing opportunities for them to hone their craft. This way everyone can experience the exhilaration and exhilaration of victory or defeat that derives from eSports gameplay!

1. The games you play are the games they made

eSports play a key role in introducing gamers to the games they love. You can discover new titles or revisit old favorites! Some of the most popular games like League of Legends, Clash Royale and Fortnite are designed specifically with eSports in mind – that is why so many professional players excel at them!

With an eSports pedigree, you can be sure the games you enjoy were designed with artistic sensibilities in mind. This means they present themselves as uniquely gripping experiences – one which will inevitably make you want to come back for more over and over again!

2. The eSports of visual arts and music

From the first eSports competitions to emerge, we have witnessed a proliferation of music and visual arts in gaming.

The inception of electronic sports paved the way for enthusiasts to appreciate this artistry and participate in exciting competitions like DJ Spam – an electronic music competition where players create and perform their own compositions.

Similarly, other games such as ‘Guitar Hero’ and its subsequent iterations have been instrumental in fostering music-related eSports events. I noticed that while playing through the video game’s solo career mode; every time I successfully plucked a note from my guitar – it earned me more reputation points towards eventually advancing up on the leaderboard!

In addition to its ability to stimulate eye contact, music can be an enjoyable pastime for gamers during long journeys or boring periods at work. It offers a comforting escape both physically and mentally!

3. The rise of competitive writing

When it comes to eSports, gaming isn’t the only realm where we find players vigorously competing against one another. Also in vogue is competitive writing!

If you’re a fan of televised game shows like Family Guy or The Price is Right, chances are you’ve encountered some of these phenomena. These competitions have been cropping up more frequently recently – taking on an increasingly professional appearance as they become more intense and unpredictable!

For instance, in 2017, a renowned video game competition was held for the first time. The International Gaming Excellence Awards (IGEA) hosts a number of competitions such as those associated with Civilization games; and for its inaugural event it offered cash prizes for authors who had penned epic entries about their experiences with the titles.

4. Competitive storytelling

Many of the eSports games are being played by amateurs. Gamers who are just getting started in the world of competitive gaming can join teams that align with their own interests, whether they’re seeking out fast-paced action or preferring to be part of a narrative within a game experience.

Professional eSports tournaments, like Valve’s The International and League of Legends’ World Championship Series, offer unparalleled opportunities for growth for those who enter. Through them, professionals gain visibility, recognition and prizes which can eventually lead to lucrative careers as well as furthering their artistic passions alongside one another!

Some games, such as Dota 2 and Smash Bros., have entire scenes dedicated to story-driven gameplay. These games create characters that players control and then embark on adventures where they interact with other players or NPCs in unique environments.

The most successful stories emerge from competition, be it in video games or anywhere else – there’s something inherently enthralling about seeing how someone can manipulate the pieces of an intricate puzzle and solve problems while working towards a goal.

5. The next big competitive design genre?

In recent years, the eSports industry has been undergoing a major evolution, as more and more games have been tailored for competitive play.

If you are searching for a new way to gain exposure for your game design efforts, consider how it can be utilized in eSports tournaments. This is a cost-effective platform through which you can grow your reach while also releasing creative concepts into the marketplace without any additional expenses! If crafted well enough, even those unacquainted with the creations of your game design may become captivated by its aesthetics!

6. There’s an entire world out there to discover

Finding games to play might not be as daunting as discovering a new restaurant, concert or museum.

In fact, eSports provide players with an opportunity to explore and appreciate feats of artistry within the gaming world like never before!

For casual fans unfamiliar with competitive video gaming, eSports is an ideal way to discover a plethora of titles under the sun. From hard-core enthusiasts to newcomers looking for something new – everyone can immerse themselves in its exciting world!


In the video below, I provide examples of how eSports have helped elevate the profiles of game designers both within their respective industries and beyond.

If you’d like to learn more about the history of game design, this article is perfect for you!


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