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Unveiling the Creative Minds Behind the Pixelated Worlds: Meet the Game Designers Shaping the Future of Gaming!

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Game designers are individuals with a passion for video games and all its intricate components. These creative minds envision, craft and mold the software that will captivate players’ attention; then they use their formidable knowledge to make sure these experiences are memorable!

Gamers are more engaged than ever before. According to SuperData Research, nearly one-third of the gaming population is now enjoying titles on multiple platforms – Nintendo Switch being one of them! This trend towards multiplatform gaming shows no signs of abating as it continues to increase exponentially; in fact–with every passing year–it seems like there’s been even more innovation introduced into gaming!

In recent years, popular esports have emerged as an exciting new arena for gamers to hone their skills. Players can aspire to compete at the highest levels in Madden NFL or Rocket League; Grand Slam Tennis; Pro Evolution Soccer; or even Fortnite Battle Royale! It’s a veritable cornucopia of options when it comes to becoming an esports champion!

Video games are no longer confined to PCs or consoles: smartphones and tablets are enabling users to enjoy them wherever they want – be it in line at the grocery store or waiting at the doctor’s office. And with virtual reality (VR) headsets such as Oculus Rift offering an unprecedented level of immersion into one’s favorite adventures, we’re witnessing a renaissance in gaming experiences!

What Is Game Design?

Game design is an elusive but captivating field, deserving of its own special category within gaming. The term encapsulates the totality of activities and processes involved in creating a video game – from conception to completion!

The most prevalent definition of game design may be presented as a more explicit rendering of the accessible subtleties of this discipline: “the act or process of creating rules for playing with a specific goal in mind; the application of game design principles”. In other words, it’s all about understanding how games are designed and bringing those systems together into one cohesive unit.

With such a diverse array of skill sets required when embarking on a creative endeavor like game design, one might understandably wonder what separates them from more conventional professions. That’s right: your job as a game designer isn’t merely to create fun games; it goes beyond that – you’re also responsible for crafting their structure and ensuring that it satisfies players’ expectations.

What Do Game Designers Do?

Game Designers may be involved in a wide array of tasks throughout the design cycle. Their duties can include:

Creating all original content for a video game title (including user interface, characters and environments) is just one of many. Game designers must also be experts in their craft, which involves mastering level design to create captivating experiences that compel players to continue playing despite any difficulty encountered along the way – otherwise known as difficulty spikes; integrating puzzle elements into gameplay to keep players engaged like never before!

Preparing assets and environments for designers is essential. Lead Artist and Art Director are the primary vendors tasked with creating textures, colors and images desired by project team members.

The rest of this section provides an overview of each role within the framework of game design.

How Do You Get into the Field of Game Design?

To become a game designer, aspiring candidates must first have some form of an artistic or creative background. This does not necessarily entail any formal training in design; rather, it necessitates that one possess the ability to visualize and construct ideas from scratch.

If you lack experience but have talent for art or design, then it’s possible to find out more about entry-level opportunities with gaming companies. On occasion, they may even offer internships where you can gain practical experience while learning what it takes to be a game designer!

How Did You Get Into This Field?

Aspiring game designers may contemplate joining the field of game development and start by creating their own games, such as indie titles, mobile apps or virtual reality experiences.

One thing led to another, and I had no idea what I wanted to do with my life but knew that I wanted to work in a creative field. So, I took some classes and began down a path toward becoming a UX designer! I’ve been thrilled with the positive feedback from both peers and clients alike about the final product – all while having fun along the way!

What Were Some of Your Largest Projects?

For those unfamiliar with the word “project,” it typically refers to undertakings of varying complexities or lengths. For example, a high-level undertaking such as completing a degree or launching an app might be considered as a ‘macro’ project, while completing a marathon or sculpting an intricate statue could be categorized as a ‘micro’ project – and so forth!

With that in mind we can consider these developers’ biggest undertakings:

Gizem Topkan’s design studio is called Pixelated Worlds. This award-winning game studio has worked on over 20 games of varying levels of complexity spanning both mobile and console platforms.

To date, Gizem has been involved in four successful Kickstarter campaigns, one IndieGoGo campaign and two other unsuccessful campaigns. Her teams are known for their proficiency in creating highly engaging narratives that captivate players’ attention and feelings. She was also an accomplished Youtuber before joining this company; gaining over 300K subscribers!

What Has Been Your Favorite Part of the Job?

For me, the most delightful aspect of being a game designer is embodying that video games are an art form. Creating them and working on projects I love is exhilarating – it’s also quite fulfilling to share these experiences with others through video games!

To be frank, although working in the trenches can be laborious at times, this profession affords you exclusive access to a wealth of opportunities, from creating innovative concepts to guiding the creation of entertainment products from inception through distribution.

I have been privileged enough to witness first-hand my small contribution towards shaping the gaming industry by crafting a memorable game, launching a successful Kickstarter campaign as well as co-founding two creative agencies – all while striving to make a positive impact on other people’s lives.

Can You Tell Us a Few Things About Yourself?

I’m 22 years old, born and raised in San Diego, CA. I’ve always had an affinity for video games, but it wasn’t until high school that I started taking them more seriously as an art form.

My father is a computer engineer and my mother is a teacher. My brother and I are the youngest of three children who all have our own careers! My sister is a scientist while my brother attends law school.

I was fortunate enough to have been influenced by some of the creators in gaming’s history (Hideo Kojima, Thomas Jane, Naughty Dog) and I strive to become part of that lineage.


Game designers are dedicated to creating captivating experiences and shaping the future of gaming. They are artists, inventors and visionaries who possess ingenuity and perseverance in order to craft unique games that remain popular among players across platforms such as mobile devices and consoles.

By definition, game designers must be open-minded, creative thinkers with an incredible capacity for imagination. Aspiring game designers should have a passion for play and enjoy a wide spectrum of influences; they should also be comfortable making decisions during their creative process.


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