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Unlock the Secret to Building a Thriving Game Designer Community and Sparking Epic Discussions!

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Developing a thriving designer community is essential to the success of your project. It provides an opportunity to foster relationships with potential patrons and gain recognition for your game design efforts; however, how do you get started?

If you’re just starting out, it can be daunting trying to figure out where to begin. Fortunately, we’ve got some suggestions!

1. Create a curated library of articles

Craft a curated library of game design articles, game dev tutorials and industry insights. Curating your own library is an effective way to increase traffic to your blog posts.

You may be producing content on a routine basis, yet this doesn’t mean that any subject matter is off limits! It’s all about establishing trust with your audience and offering them something they’ll appreciate.

Ensure that your library is structured in such a way that it provides for easy navigation for users; choose from one or two primary categories so that there is consistency across the board. Then add subheadings in different categories if desired!

tips and tricks

In the world of game design, there is often a sense of elation at accomplishing one’s dreams. As well-known pioneer Brenda Romero recently shared, she was able to achieve her lifelong dream of designing and publishing games.

But, it doesn’t end here! Game On is an online community for budding game designers that provides a means for them to create content around their craft; enabling content creation through various methodologies such as blogs, podcasts, videos and more.

Enrich your community by posting new pieces on game design. This could include anything from how-to guides and tutorials to in-depth critiques and reviews; all aimed towards helping fellow designers grow as professionals and attain greater insights into the industry.

2. Share branded articles with your audience

Sometimes, game designers may be apprehensive about sharing branded content because of the potential to attract the wrong audience. However, if you’re careful with your tagging and description, it’s possible to present yourself as a respected source that audiences can trust.

With a little bit of effort, we can produce an article similar to this one:

Nurturing our community is important to us on Gamelovin’ – we partner with investors, host events and give away prizes. Check out what we have going on right now!

3. Add analytics to your content

The purpose of analytics is to obtain data about your community’s interaction and activity with your game design articles. It enables you to gain greater insights into your audience’s knowledge base, creating content that is relevant and valuable for them.

If you intend to create content for yourself or for others, you should consider adding an analytics function. This will enable you to track visitor behavior patterns and assess the success of your efforts.

4. Curate messaging in your community

In addition to discussing games, you can also engage in informal conversations within your community.

In the event of a creative endeavor, it is essential that you foster a sense of collaboration between teammates as well as patrons. If they are not collaborating with each other, how are they expected to?

There’s no need for formal announcements when discussing game design, but this shouldn’t stop you from taking advantage of the simple tools available for support on the site. By using them effectively and in tandem with content curation; you can create an effective feedback loop for newcomers seeking information about or even participating in your community.

5. Become the go-to person for game design advice

Demand for game design talent is ever-evolving, as designers enter and exit the industry at an alarming rate. To guarantee that they are in touch with the latest trends and news related to game design and development, it can be advantageous to establish yourself as a go-to individual when it comes to providing career advice.

Offering your services as a professional game designer mentor or offering education programs geared towards teaching the fundamentals of game design are common ways to accomplish this. Could you give a masterclass in game design? Perhaps you could provide mini-courses targeted at specific topics like monetization or UX design? Alternatively you could even host webinars that teach people about how to become more proficient in your field! There are plenty of opportunities here for both content creation and outreach – just be sure to set aside ample time for both!

How to get started: Sign up for a 14-day trial

If you are interested in kicking off a design community, then the blog platform is an excellent place to do so.

Our blog will provide you with the opportunity to publish articles and share your insights. Moreover, it enables users to connect with one another via threaded discussions within your content and more! This creates an engaging platform for conversing with other professionals in the industry.


Your community is a vital asset for any game designer. Enlisting users to engage with each other can lead to a wealth of opportunities beyond simply discussing one’s own projects – it can help drive up visibility within the gaming industry as well!

In the end, creating an engaged community is key to unlocking the potential of your game and fostering growth in its popularity. With this app in hand, you will be able to assist designers like yourself in reaching new players faster than ever before!


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