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Top 5 Video Games That Never Make It On Top 5 Lists


For as long as video games have been out, players have written out lists, rating the “top games” of the time. Unfortunately, this leaves out a bunch of games, that otherwise, should be… Continue reading

Best Way To Teach Your Child To Play Video Games And Have Fun


I have a four-year-old little girl who LOVES to play games. Of course, she also plays with her friends, plays outside, and does things aside from sitting in front of the tv, playing… Continue reading

Massive Changes That Will Change Hearthstone


For the past year or so, Hearthstone has been largely criticized for the rate at which the system distributes legendary cards, as well as the high price the game asks of players who… Continue reading

Top 5 Most Anticipated Video Games That Were Missing At E3 2017


Well, that’s it, everyone, the majority of E3 2017 is over, as all of the major developers have now held their conferences, and made their announcements. From the reveal of the Xbox One… Continue reading

Pokemon Ultra Sun and Moon Announced For 3DS, Leaving Many Switch Owners Disappointed


If you had asked me this time yesterday about what Nintendo would announce today, I would have assured you it was going to be Pokemon Stars for the Nintendo Switch. “Pokemon Stars” has… Continue reading

Why PSVR Absolutely NEEDS an Amazing E3 Showing


As I sit here to write this article, I can not help but notice that my Playstation Virtual Reality Helmet has started to collect dust. To tell you the truth, I have not… Continue reading