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kingdom Hearts III Looks Absolutely Gorgeous And Here’s Why


This weekend in Anaheim, California the D23 expo is being held. The convention is Disney-based and centered, showcasing the new upcoming films and Disney media. This even included video games. What was missing… Continue reading

How Hype Is Destroying Modern Video Game Industry


Hype, the over exaggeration of something for publicity or production, something we all are familiar with. Who hasn’t experienced the excitement bubbling up inside over an upcoming movie, a book from your new… Continue reading

Everything We Can Expect From The Last Of Us Part II


  One of the most highly anticipated games in production is Naughty Dog’s sequel to their beloved hit, The Last of Us. The trailer for the second game was presented in December of… Continue reading

Every Big Video Game Announced At Ubisoft E3 Conference


After dropping the announcement for Assassin’s Creed Origins with a gameplay trailer at the Microsoft press conference earlier this E3, it was interesting to see what Ubisoft would bring us this year. With… Continue reading