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Design Theory: What Makes A Good Sequel?


In the entertainment industry, sequels are a fact of life. Properties and IPs that are proven to sell can generally be guaranteed to sell again unless a heavy misstep is made, and so… Continue reading

How (Not) To Do PR For Video Games


The DICE Reddit AMA turned out to be even less exciting than I imagined. A whole lot of vagueness and dodging the question, massive downvotes, and boilerplate PR drivel. In a specific sense,… Continue reading

How Star Wars Battlefront 2’s Pay to Win Scheme Blows Up In EA’s Face


It’s no surprise to people that follow gaming industry trends that 2017 is, as Jim Sterling of the Jimquisition puts it, “The year of the loot box”. Loot box microtransactions and related morally… Continue reading

5 Amazing PlayStation 2 Video Games Sequels


It’s no exaggeration to say the PS2 is one of the best consoles ever made, at least as far as sheer number and quality of exclusive first and second party games. The PS2… Continue reading