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Splatoon 2 In-Depth Review – Incredibly Solid And Fun Gameplay


Regardless of the internal expectations Nintendo held in relation to Splatoon, one thing is almost certain: not even its most optimistic employees could have accurately predicted how big the new property would turn… Continue reading

Nintendo Has Made Some Terrible Mistakes But Why Do We Still Love It?


Relationships are an awfully complicated matter. By managing to affect our emotions in ways we sometimes did not even know were possible, they make us feel like heaven even when the slightest details… Continue reading

ARMS Review – Nintendo’s purest take on the fighting genre


Turning originally inscrutable gaming genres into items that are appealing to a general audience. It may sound like an overly minimalistic way of putting it, but that is precisely the recipe Nintendo has… Continue reading

Snake Pass Review (Nintendo Switch) – Easy To Recommend


Ever since a frustrated Mario traveled between castles in which his princess could not be found, the world of platforming games has featured a quite obvious bias: namely, the fact that – like… Continue reading

Snipperclips Review – Most Underrated Nintendo Switch Game


Two anthropomorphic popsicle shaped sheets of paper running around simple scenarios that completely fit onto a small screen while trying to solve puzzles by snipping pieces off one another to change their shapes.… Continue reading

The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild Review – After 200 Hours Of Gameplay


Nobody, even the most creative artists, lives inside a perfectly sealed bubble. Writers, oftentimes unconsciously, pick up cues and stylistic choices from the texts they read; filmmakers drink from numerous sources and sew… Continue reading