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ARMS Review – Nintendo’s purest take on the fighting genre


Turning originally inscrutable gaming genres into items that are appealing to a general audience. It may sound like an overly minimalistic way of putting it, but that is precisely the recipe Nintendo has… Continue reading

Snake Pass Review (Nintendo Switch) – Easy To Recommend


Ever since a frustrated Mario traveled between castles in which his princess could not be found, the world of platforming games has featured a quite obvious bias: namely, the fact that – like… Continue reading

Snipperclips Review – Most Underrated Nintendo Switch Game


Two anthropomorphic popsicle shaped sheets of paper running around simple scenarios that completely fit onto a small screen while trying to solve puzzles by snipping pieces off one another to change their shapes.… Continue reading

The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild Review – After 200 Hours Of Gameplay


Nobody, even the most creative artists, lives inside a perfectly sealed bubble. Writers, oftentimes unconsciously, pick up cues and stylistic choices from the texts they read; filmmakers drink from numerous sources and sew… Continue reading