Ranking Every Saints Row Video Games From Worst To Best

When Crazy is just not enough! Today we are ranking every game in Saints Row Franchise.

4. Saints Row 1

The missions to the story are extremely well designed, and the tasks are considerably varied. The shooting missions are joy to behold too, set out in true 3rd person shooter style with no automatic lock on. But once all the razzmatazz of the story has gone, and the dust has settled on “the Row”, there isn’t enough variety to keep you coming back. – RewiredMind
Volition tries and fails to re-create GTA’s sense of style, but their attempts at humor, from the naming of the businesses to the radio commercials, just comes off as even more derivative and less-inspired than its current gen doppelganger. – Cheat Code Central
This is a game guaranteed to offend and entertain in equal measure, but it is emphatically not for children. – Times Online

3. Saints Row 4

The Saints Row saga can still be considered the most debauched franchise that lovers of free roamers could dream of. It has some good new ideas and the same shortcomings of the previous game, but it’s a funny game nonetheless. – Eurogamer Italy
Its appeal is shortened by the ludicrous speed at which we can zip across it and grow tired of its lack of challenge. – IGN
The special abilities of your playable character as the game fourth instalment’s major crowd-puller are not free and easy as they should be, and from a certain point of view they actually do harm its gameplay. When you look at its content it’s the third instalment, only extended. However, it lacks its previous charms. If you carry across some of the problems described in my review, the game will reward you with its crazy and funny experience, which becomes the series’ custom. Just lower your expectations before the purchase –  Games.cz

2. Saints Row 2

A real challenge to… you know, that other sandbox game… Saints Row 2 expands on the original with a dizzying level of complexity. Stilwater is back and bigger than ever – there’s so much to see and do you’ll be entertained for hours  – Gameplanet
Though Saints Row 2 profits from its easy and humorous atmosphere, those can’t make up for its technical weaknesses. Especially the empty-headed AI and the indefensible hardware needs grind my gears. As a PC gamer I am at least completely happy with the wonderful multiplayer co-op mode which keeps up the multiplayer rating. – Gamers.at
I maintain that Saints Row 2 is still a damn fun game and really not bad on a super-fast PC, but it’s not going to be worth the effort for most. – AtomicGamer

1. Saints Row The Third

Saints Row The Third surprised the heck out of me. The GTA comparisons are inevitable, but they are vastly different games. While both hold a mirror up to reality, the reflections are vastly different. As absurd as GTA gets, it still keeps one foot firmly planted in reality. Saints Row has taken a flying leap off the roof of reality, howling the F-bomb while chugging a licensed energy drink all the way down… and I wouldn’t have it any other way. – ZTGD
Saints Row: The Third gives the people what they want and drops us into an open world adult theme park where we can treat ourselves to delightful acts of bloodshed and perversion. It doesn’t take itself too seriously and only asks that you don’t, either. – IGN
Fantastic missions, outrageous weapons, and awesome vehicles make the open-world mayhem of Saints Row: The Third an absolute blast. – GameSpot
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#Ranking Every Saints Row Video Games From Worst To Best