Effective Off-Map Strategy – Fortnite Battle Royale

This here’s a new one.  I haven’t seen anyone on YouTube doing this strategy.  That is not to say that I’m the first, but I am here to say that this works.  It really works.  Furthermore, it’s one of the safest way to wait out enemies and get a good ambush off.  You’ll see how it works in the video, so I won’t go too in depth.  How it works:  If the circle is very far off the terrain boundaries of the map, you can harvest a preposterous amount of resources as you walk to the nearest edge and begin connecting building pieces to the terrain for as long as the circle is off edge.  You won’t find loot this way and you’ll go through a lot of resources.
But thus far, as long as I am patient and don’t build upwards much while I’m off map, no one has ever found what I am doing.  Not once.  If you want to win a game with the least number of kills and the worst loot, this is the way.  Enjoy!
Direct link to video on my channel:  https://youtu.be/tzTdxw5t4p4
#Effective Off-Map Strategy – Fortnite Battle Royale