5 Best Management simulation Video Games where you’re the Boss


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Prison Architect is a fantastic strategy sim which highlights both the difficulty of running a prison and keeping a lot of prisoners happy. – God is a Geek
Prison Warden is what will offer me some longevity in this game, since I can mess around with how the wardens affect the gameplay, and how each map runs differently. I get bored easily, and I will say that I found myself unchallenged after I got the hang of things. Prison Warden can help with that. – PlayStation LifeStyle
Prison Architect is a full-on sim that will eat your time. If you fancy a dark look inside the running of a prison, look no further. – VideoGamer


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Quite simply, I’m a huge fan of Game Dev Tycoon and I love that we can finally play this title on iOS. It’s the perfect sort of game for mobile devices and there’s so much to do here in terms of developing personnel, researching items, and making games that there’s loads of replayability for quite a long time. An oldie, but a goodie, all players owe it to themselves to check out this great port. – TouchArcade
Game Dev Tycoon is a must-play management game for anyone who follows the games closely. It does a phenomenal job of rendering the industry accurately, while also building a satisfying game around it. Even if you don’t follow games that much, there’s plenty to like about Game Dev Tycoon. It’s simply a fantastic game. – 148Apps


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It didn’t offer anything new two years ago and it doesn’t do it today either. Even so, Cities: Skylines is one of the best urban management games you can play on Sony’s PS4. Nicely adapted to be played with a controller. The expansions from the PC version are missing, and there is a lack of an advanced introductory tutorial, but if you want to be a great mayor, this is your game. – LaPS4
Cities: Skyline is one of the best modern city-builder games of the market. Its support of modder community will bring us greats joys. – 3DJuegos
Cities Skylines is a ridiculously clever and enjoyable game and one that I expect I will spend a lot of time playing down the track. EA looks like it will not be revitalizing Sim City as a franchise anytime soon, so I’m so glad that another developer has stepped up to the plate and created the game that the last Sim City should have been… and I am so glad it’s finally on PlayStation 4. – Digitally Downloaded


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The first glance at Democracy 3 can cause an immediate “it’s too complicated” reaction, but the well-designed interface enables a fairly quick understanding of how to manage the policies required to create your own personal political utopia. For those that are into this kind of thing, Democracy 3 is a great way to test pet political theories in a (mostly) consequence-free way. – Gaming Nexus
Democracy 3 is a title with a very interesting level of complexity but many important aspects are left unsaid. Though it has evolved since its second installment it forgot to include some elements that would have made the game a really complete political simulator. Its excessive standardization relegates the game with a choice for casual entertaining and it will be difficult to explode this Positech Game’s proposal for long. Once corrected its technical mistakes and when the mods start to rise, we may be able to take this game to a higher, different level. – Meristation
It bites off a little more than it can chew. Starting out with the premise of being a full political simulator in the end it is little more than an turn-based interaction with a population. But on this level you’ll get the high complexity that you’ll miss in macro management. – 4Players.de


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Finally, Tropico makes its debut on a PlayStation console and it’s a great first appearance. Tropico 5 is a wonderful city builder, the mechanics of which are well-adapted to the PlayStation 4. Get this if you’re a genre fan. – PSX-Sense.nl
Dialing the difficulty up also provides a real test of anyone’s management abilities. So look past the satirical elements of Tropico 5. The humor is there, and it’s funny, but the real strength of this series – especially with Sim City falling off the map completely in recent years – is that it plays so, so well. – Digitally Downloaded
If you’re even the slightest bit intrigued, you should give this a go. And just so that we’re clear: that’s an order. – Push Square
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#5 Best Management simulation Video Games where you’re the Boss