Hugely Hyped Video Games That Were Sold Completely On Lies

Why Would We Even Fell for this!

Dead Island (Reason: Trailer)

A competent collection which vastly improves the two Dead Island games included, adding a third game which can be fun in short bursts. Both Dead Island and Dead Island Riptide never looked better, with a slew of technical enhancements and solid performance which makes revisiting both titles quite enjoyable. Most the gameplay issues, however, haven’t been addressed, so those who couldn’t stand the original releases won’t change their opinions with the remastered releases. Solid games, for sure, but not for everyone. – Wccftech
A reasonably-priced pair of remasters that actually do improve upon the original games, plus you get a surprisingly decent bonus title in the mix too. Sadly, while technical hiccups are stifled in the main games, many of the mechanical flaws remain, with the passage of time not helping matters. This means Dead Island is better than it’s ever been, but a lot harder to enjoy than it once was. – Playstation Universe

Spore (Reason: Features Removed)

Rather than match the freedom in the gameplay, however, Spore forces players to use their creations in a series of levels that are derivative and dull. – Variety
TL;DR You’re playing the remains of Will Wrights hopes and dreams – Sneetches
Spore is a mishmash of many existing game concepts held together by the innovative creature evolution process. It must be aimed at a younger and less cynical audience than I, or one than has a lot of free time to spend in the model designer. – HellBored

Watch_Dogs (Reason: Graphical Downgrade)

Settling for less, in the game’s case, means settling for the usual open-world bag of tricks polished to a high shine, with a downright gluttonous variety of activities to do them in. – Slant Magazine
Never once does Watch Dogs raise a finger to show the rest of the world which way to take the genre. Instead, it is somewhat of a Best-of across a multitude of thematically and systemically similar games. A highly polished, and entertaining, cross-section through all things ‘open world’. I’d lie if I said I hadn’t gotten a few really satisfied sighs out of it. But sometimes that’s just not enough. – Eurogamer Germany
Imaginative, cleverly integrated online play helps to bolster Watch Dogs’ less exciting single-player offering, which fails to capitalize on its ambitious hacking concept in any truly memorable way. – EGM

The Division (Reason: Graphics Downgrade, Features Removed)

This game is just a cheap cash in that does nothing original. It’s just a shallow third person cover shooter with other players and loot (whoop de do). The graphics are good but they pulled a Watch Dogs again, meaning they lied to their consumers. There are microtransactions and plenty of connection problems. Just a overall shallow and cheaply made game for the casual gamers everywhere. – fallouts
The Division is a very hard to play game. I hate those checkpoints, when you die and have to go back from let’s say 0,3 km or more to the place you died and start again to kill lots of lots of cleaners. It’s annoying. – dragosm
Once you peel back the thin coat of polish, there is undeniably a turd of a game here at its core. No enemy variety whatsoever. Nothing inspiring about this game compelling me to keep pushing on. And for what? More bullet sponges and beanies? Or how about the same damn coat with 10 different colors?  – Unicron35

No Man’s Sky (Reason: Everything)

What appeared to be beautiful at the initial reveal at E3 2014, is not. The games textures are inconsistent. There is a nice amount of alien life to be found if you can get close. The fact that I couldn’t crash my ship even when I try is ridiculous. This game has turned out to be one of the most boring ones I ever played. I guess one could argue it isn’t a bad game as it is what it is. No MP? Ok, they never claimed there would be but with the gameplay being so repetitive and monotonous, maybe there should have been? I am sorry I believed in this. Its boring and weak – USarmygamer
If you break a review down to its most simple components, it gets its point across as whether or not you should buy a certain game and why. Typically with my game reviews, I have played a great deal and have collected my thoughts nicely for a, hopefully, well-written review. Let me say that I have played 5 hours tops of No Man’s Sky. However, I can fully explain to you why you should not buy this incredibly disappointing game. Not only is it so disappointing, it’s actually quite horrible – SimpleReviewz
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#Hugely Hyped Video Games That Were Sold Completely On Lies