This Is Why I Am Worried About Red Dead Redemption 2

Red Dead Redemption was one of my absolute favourite games of the last generation. I loved every second of it, from the excellent gunplay and brilliantly written characters, all the way down to the way the horses muscles would flex when they ran. So you can imagine my sheer excitement and joy when in October of 2016 Rockstar officially announced Red Dead Redemption 2. This was to be a truly generation defining game that would take everything Rockstar learned from the first RDR and GTA 5 and make it bigger and better. However it’s this exact line of thinking that began to worry me. I believe that GTA 5 will prove to be a very bad influence on Red Dead Redemption 2.


GTA Online has, since its release been immensely popular and its player base has only continued to grow over the years on all platforms. Its made up of the same huge open world that the single player is based in but with less detail (such as lower traffic density and no wild animals). This open world is shared with up to 29 other players all running around causing chaos. In addition to the open world there are all the expected game modes such as deathmatches and races. GTA online also allows you to customise your character using in game dollars to purchase upgrades to your weapons, new vehicles, apartments and a whole host of cosmetic items. This is where my first concern stems from. The vast majority of the useful items come with an extremely high price tag that often takes hours or even days to grind out. (and when I say grind I mean it feels like slamming your face repeatedly into a brick wall.) this means that you often spend your time repeating the same monotonous job over and over again to finally buy that fancy new car only to find out that you’ll have to spend millions more to upgrade the thing… Unless you can pay real world cash that is.

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The ever present grinding for in game money is what makes GTA Online so tedious, with the only saving grace being that playing with friends is fun. To be honest doing anything with friends can be fun. For example there is a big difference between paintballing with friends and just going to an empty field and firing pellets at nothing but empty space. The reason for this grind being in the game at all is very simple. To encourage the sale of microtransactions. You are able to buy what Rockstar call ‘Shark Cards’ each of which grants an amount of currency based off of how much real world money you throw at your screen. This means that you can immediately buy almost any item in the game if you spend enough money, giving you an instant advantage over another player who either isn’t able to, or just doesn’t want to spend potentially hundreds of actual dollars to acquire a yacht or a high-rise apartment.

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The CEO of Take-Two (Red Dead Redemption 2’s publisher) Strauss Zelnick has said in the past that he feels as if they have under-monetised GTA Online, which given how much money they made from it, (estimated to be upwards of $1 billion) makes me wonder exactly what kind of monetisation options they will place into RDR 2. Zelnick has also stated that microtransactions will definitely be in RDR 2 and has also said in an investor call that going forward, microtransactions in Take-Two titles will not always follow the online model, or the virtual currency model. To me this means that in the future, many of Take-Two’s games will have single player microtransactions as well as the ability to directly buy in game items for real world currency. This could mean that potentially, players who spend real world money will have a greater, more complete experience in the single player game than those who do not, and that is after already having spent $60 on a game that is generally expected to be content complete on release.

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I believe that Red Dead Redemption 2 will still be an enjoyable (if potentially limited) experience, but I think that because of all the extra monetisation players with less disposable income will be hindered in the multiplayer and maybe even in the Single player. In an ideal world, RDR 2 would be released as a full, feature complete game which would then be updated with substantial expansions that I would be happy to pay upwards of $30 for. Unfortunately I don’t think this will happen due to the nature of triple-A publishers wanting to make as much money as possible with little or no effort. Even if it is at the expense of the player. We will just have to wait and see. Red Dead Redemption 2 will be released on October 26 2018.

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#This Is Why I Am Worried About Red Dead Redemption 2