Handful Of Co-Op Games That Only A Few People Know About

Overwatch, Team Fortress 2, GTA Online, PUBG, Fortnite, Lawbreakers hmm.. ok cut the last one.

I am pretty sure if you play Co-op games then you have heard all the games I mentioned above but have you ever heard about these hidden gems?


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Full Metal Furies is high-quality side-scrolling brawler that understands its roots while still managing to both pushes the genre forward with its inclusion of some great RPG elements as well as add its own unique style to the genre. Furies offers many hours of single-player fun and shines exceptionally well when played to its full potential as a co-op experience. I highly recommend picking this title up if you’re looking for something new and charming. – GameSpace
There is a lot to love here in what ends up being a fantastic beat-’em-up that deserves to stand alongside modern classics like Castle Crashers, Scott Pilgrim Versus the World, and Double Dragon Neon. – Destructoid
An intense and gorgeous brawler from the creators of Rogue Legacy. Its velocity and variety are the keys to a fresh cooperative game with friends. – IGN Italia



It may not have the prettiest visuals, even running at 4K, but it has a hell of a lot of charm and plays like an absolute dream. – GameSpew
AAC is a great game visually and playability wise, smooth and enjoyable but also filled with signs of frustration. If you’re a fan of these types of games you will have a ball, if you’re not then you may find a controller embedded in your T.V. set quicker than you think. – Xbox Tavern
If you’re in the market for a new twin stick shooter, one that brings a fun little story, some top notch bullet-fuelled gameplay and the chance to go and chase those highscores of your mates, then Assault Android Cactus more than delivers. – TheXboxHub


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The short length of the campaign and a few overly challenging puzzles are minor blemishes in an overall entertaining and worthwhile experience. Fans of the side-scrolling and platform genres need not look elsewhere, Trine 2 offers a wealth of truly innovative puzzles that are a welcome getaway from the current market of repeated genre titles. – Gaming Nexus
It’s a step forward in every direction from its predecessor. If you love it the first time around, you have no reason to miss this one. – SpazioGames
In the end, while the core gameplay remains wholly unchanged from the original (not to mention that expert players can still cheese their way through most areas by abusing the wizard’s crate-creating spells), the stunning visual details and effects do more to enhance the already-robust mechanics then one might expect. – DarkZero


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Star Trek Bridge Crew won’t change the world, but it provides a stunning realization of the Star Trek franchise and brings with it an unparalleled level of immersion and VR fun. I can think of no other franchise that’s better suited to cooperative VR play than Star Trek, and Bridge Crew makes playing with strangers fun again. It also represents the ultimate in wish fulfillment. – DarkStation
If you can find some like-minded friends to join your adventures fresh out of Starfleet, Star Trek: Bridge Crew makes for a great social experience. Those that opt for a more single player experience might find themselves missing out on the magic. – Wccftech
Bridge Crew transforms an ordinarily isolating technology into something irresistibly social: it’s an anecdote generator par excellence, and a VR experience that handily overcomes its limitations as a game. [Aug 2017, p.119] – Edge Magazine

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#Handful Of Co-Op Games That Only A Few People Know About