They are Billions – Review

They Are Billions is best played in the same way I start my mornings, huddled behind a (hopefully) impenetrable wall praying that nothing will breach the warmth and safety that is my fortress. They Are Billions is a classic RTS that is reminiscent of Age of Empires, but instead of being matched up against a historical military complete with their own fortresses and troops, you’re pitted against hordes of the lumbering undead who want nothing more than to bash down your walls and feast on the flesh of your helpless villagers, your job as the ruler of this village is to do anything in your power to stop them.

simple starter town

The beginnings of a great and powerful empire.

Like many other RTS there are some core resources that are necessary to gather if you expect your settlement to survive and flourish. Some of these are continually produced by buildings, such as wood or stone, but others are only given on construction of a building rather than continually produced, this means that to carry on gaining food or workers (which are required to build most important structures.) your colony needs to be constantly expanding, which is a great way of making sure you can’t just hide in a remote corner and surround yourself with hundreds of turrets.

Most of your time will be spent building up as many defences as humanly possible so that your colony can survive the next onslaught of undead who will attack in ever increasing numbers until either you’re wiped from the map completely or you manage to drive them back permanently. These swarms arrive periodically throughout the game and will give you a set number of days to prepare for each depending on the difficulty you choose at the start and can range from just 10 – 20 undead all the way up to thousands of them clawing and biting their way through your camp.  This ultimately culminates in a gigantic swarm consisting of too many zombies to count making a final assault on your walls as a last-ditch effort to end humanity for good. As well as sending thousands of zombies towards your squishy citizens this last wave will also draw in any remaining zed on the map in to attack you which makes clearing them out with scouting parties necessary to limit the damage as much as possible.

Horde #1

I think I can handle the first swarm.

There are lots of different types of infected shambling around which as you would expect includes the basic slow zombies accompanied by several special infected which all have various abilities designed to make sure that your villagers die but don’t stay dead for long. The abilities of these special infected tend to be the staple spitter or fatty types with ranged attacks or vastly increased health’ The harpy however is an undead that can jump over a single row of walls, making it extremely important to both double up your walls and have a good group of units to make sure they can’t wreak too much havoc when (and I mean when) they manage to clamber over your walls.

They are billions uses a cell shaded art style that can in some places lack detail but overall works well with the top down camera angle, allowing for a good view of the map making it very easy to get an overview of what’s happening so that you don’t miss any biters gnawing at your colony.

final Horde.jpg

This one might be a problem…

After a good long while of getting my face chewed off before finally making it through the final wave, I came to the conclusion that they are billions is a fantastic take on both the real time strategy and the zombie survival genres. While Lacking in features, with only a survival mode implemented at the time of writing, They Are Billions manages to provide hours of fun and I’m sure that with some updates can become even more enjoyable than it already is. Unlike my morning routine this is one game you should Definitely not sleep on.

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#They are Billions – Review