7 Impactful Indie Video Games That Everyone Should Play At least Once

Nothing Much to say! INDIE GAMES are BEST! Here are my personal favorites. Hope you enjoy these games too.




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Super Hexagon is an incredible game. Its simplicity makes it accessible, and its challenge level is rewarding when you learn to overcome it. – Hardcore Gamer
A frenzied, elegant action game that pulses with great music and demanding thrills, for only £2/$3. – PC Gamer
Fast, minimal and fun: Super Hexagon is the new Terry Cavanagh triumph. – Multiplayer.it


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Owlboy is a 2D metroidvania platformer that gives you the best time; you’ll love how fluid the controls are and how they work really well no matter who your buddy is. The story is touching, interesting and full of great narrative, told through plenty of hugely expressive characters all worth knowing. I’m glad I got to play this, and it’s come at a time when I wasn’t expecting it. Owlboy will surprise you and it will move you beyond belief. – God is a Geek
Owlboy is one of this years biggest surprises. It’s a fantastic game, with beautiful graphics and amazing music. – IGN Sweden
Owlboy’s deceivingly simplistic delivery belies an enviable narrative, tourniquet-tight gameplay, and a cast you’ll fall in love with. Don’t miss it. –games(TM)


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Nuclear Throne knows what it is and makes no bones about it. It’s a difficult, stylized roguelike with a clear vision of what it’s trying to achieve. – DarkStation
Grab the spoils of combat as quickly as you can, and get ready to be sucked in to the next level. Just be glad you don’t have to keep putting money in when you die again, and again, and again. – DarkZero
Nuclear Throne manages to walk a fine line between challenging, with options for the player who wants to succeed in the post-apocalypse, and unfairly difficult, filled with obstacles that will induce frustration for even the most hardened fans of the rogue-like genre. – Softpedia


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I would say it’s a must play for anyone old enough to remember blowing on a cartridge, but that would be selling it short. Nostalgia certainly enhances the experience, but this is a great game for anyone. – ZTGD
Between the tight platforming, nostalgia-inducing graphics, and pitch-perfect sound design, old-school gamers need look no further for their fix. – PlayStation LifeStyle
Shovel Knight is delightful, amusing, and oftentimes challenging. It’s surprisingly deep, with enough secrets and charm to warrant at least one more run through on New Game+. The game controls like a dream, is simple enough to pick up immediately, and knows just when to up the ante to make you a more skillful player over the course of its six to eight hour campaign. – Twinfinite


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Gunpoint is a refreshingly welcome addition to the burgeoning stealth genre. It nails player movement, puzzles, and storytelling in games, and completely removes anything that stands in the way of these three. – IGN
Smart, fun and challenging enough without being punishing: Gunpoint is a brilliant indie game that every nostalgic of the Amiga and PC “golden age” of gaming shouldn’t miss. – Eurogamer Italy
Gunpoint borders on puzzle game genera without fear, giving us a great crossing of genres, short but intense. – Everyeye.it


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There’s nothing like Mark of the Ninja on Xbox Live Arcade, and now, Steam. Others may taunt fast action stealth, but this is the true evolution of that concept with speedy and thought-provoking mechanics. Keyboard and mouse controls can take a while to get used to, but once you’ve got it down, you feel like a master assassin. Mark of the Ninja is a triumphant victory that is a must-buy for any and all stealth fans. – Hardcore Gamer
Rather than pushing off being sneaky to sections or merely offering it as an option, Mark of the Ninja is a return to form for the stealth genre where bypassing an opponent is just as thrilling as killing them. – The Escapist
The joy is in figuring out what kind of ninja you want to be. Mark of the Ninja gives you the tools to get the job done, and lets you run wild through levels with diverging paths, tons of secrets, and ways of slaughtering guards. As a result, that feeling of badassery I get upon pulling off a perfectly executed symphony of violence is a well-earned one. – GameSpy


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What I’d forgotten since first experiencing the game back in 2015 was that Undertale is more than just internet jokes, amazing music, and crazy boss battles — it’s a heartwarming, beautiful, and tearful romp. I said at the beginning there was nothing like Undertale at the time, and there still is nothing else like it. It’s hard to explain what makes Undertale so special without spoiling a lot of it, but all you need to know is that this is a modern classic at its most accessible, and it’s worthy of your time, whether you’re new to the game or returning for another adventure. This review should fill you with determination to play Undertale. – RPG Fan
A work so genial and original, where the definitions of “right” and “wrong” acquire new meanings, and in which the impact of our decisions takes on a tangible value. – Everyeye.it
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#7 Impactful Indie Video Games That Everyone Should Play At least Once