Video Games That Failed At Launch But Gained Cult Status After Years

Failed the First Time? Don’t Lose Hope

Some games can get fail launch because of several reasons. Such as Bad marketing, No promotion, Wrong audience approach, bad online servers and more. The thing is that not every game is bad and thus sometimes due to some mistakes they can get ignored at launch either it’s because of another big launching with it or just plain no hype for it. Today we are counting down some games that failed at launch but gained cult status after years.


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A solid third-person shooter that delivers intense action and a compelling setting, but relies too much on established mechanics, rather than delivering something new. The story however really stands out – a grim and challenging reflection on violence is something you won’t find in any typical shooter. Fortunately it’s also missing that dull patriotism you’ve come to expect from today’s military action games. – PC Games
It truly deserves applause for the courage to confront us so harshly with our own character, even if our choices sometimes seem forced or useless. But if it could have found another way, less tiresome and monotonous, to let us get to them, it would have had substantial chances to become a classic. – Computer Games Online RO
A big surprise among military shooters. Spec Ops will present you a dark story that’s opposing the well-known clichés of the other military games. It’s a pity, however, that the action part doesn’t go along with the game’s storytelling. –


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This is a bold and interesting proposal, although very buggy. But it will surprise many for its freshness and freedom. – Vandal
From the beginning of the game, till the ending, I was relatively pleased with how important and impactful the decisions I made were. – CPUGamer
Just like Vampire: The Masquerade – Bloodlines before it, Alpha Protocol is a diamond in the rough, yet another chance to create an excellent RPG, but ultimately sabotaged by technical issues and questionable design decisions. – Computer Games Online


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With great story, action, and adventure, presented with beautiful graphics and audio and an intuitive control scheme, this carefully crafted science fiction title fosters genuine caring about what goes on, making it an absolute pleasure to play. – Adrenaline Vault
Certainly, a game with well-developed characters, intriguing storyline, and entertaining play is not one that should be passed over too lightly, nor forgotten too easily. – GameShark
If you value story and atmosphere in your games, then you will enjoy the way Beyond Good & Evil transports you into its fantastic world. – Gamers’ Temple


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I definitely feel like if you own a PS3, then you owe it to yourself to check out Tokyo Jungle. It’s a game that is almost literally a diamond in the rough, with some so-so visuals and lackluster presentation that doesn’t instantly grab the casual observer, but if you manage to sit down with the game for a half hour or so, I think you’ll find yourself hooked. – Gaming Age
Tokyo Jungle is not the typical adventure game you might expect: it has great ideas and an engaging playability, but it lacks polish and suffers from a very basic graphic department. – 3DJuegos
Tokyo Jungle is exactly the sort of unconventional project that I live for, so it’s easy to forgive its issues; the low-end production values, two extremely ill-conceived stealth missions that don’t suit the mechanics, and a few boss fights that were more frustrating than fun. Although irritating, none were dealbreakers-just be prepared to restart a few missions here and there. – GameCritics



Another dark post-apocalyptic action-adventure? Nope. Enslaved introduces gamers to a gorgeous and detailed world, full of mechanical quirkiness. If you can look past his flaws, you’ll be rewarded with one of the best sci-fi games of the year. Give it a try, you wont regret it! – Eurogamer Italy
It might be too simple to call Enslaved: Odyssey to the West a melee-centric Uncharted, but it is not that far off and it is certainly not a bad thing. – GameZone
It’s a well-produced effort that makes itself easy to get invested in and is worth considering for anyone who enjoys a solid dozen-hour-long, story-driven action game. It doesn’t do everything right all the time, but some grander and higher-profile games could stand to learn a lesson or two from this one. – Giant Bomb
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