Microsoft Buying EA And Valve According To Leaks

Folks, This is special because it’s not everyday you get news like this in gaming world. Let me explain what I am talking about.

An Insider has leaked that Microsoft Tech Giant could be acquiring EA, PUBG Corp, and Valve. Now take a minute to sip that in cause it’s gonna g a t whole lot crazier.

First Let’s start with EA. AKA The company that everyone hates.

EA’s Net Market as of may 2017 is $27.4 Billion. Yeah, it’s that big. Admit or not but we cannot ignore EA when it comes to gaming because they still hold rights to some major money making gaming franchises like FIFA, MADDEN and more. If Microsoft by means is looking to buy EA then they should probably first kill of their dirty gaming tactics.

star wars battlefront 2

Second is PUBG Corp, While PUBG Corp is pretty new at this point and it’s barely 1 year for them but oh my they gained popularity quickly. PUBG is something I think I don’t need to tell about and everybody at this point know how massive the PUBG is. It seems pretty easy that Microsoft can acquire PUBG Corp because they did something like that with Minecraft when they bought Mojang.


The Valve, on the other hand, is in a bit weird position to get sold, I mean it’s running successfully when it comes making money, Just look at Steam. It is THE Biggest platform for buy games from. So for me, it’s very unlikely that Microsoft will buy Valve and also Half-Life 3 still has to release… I hope so.

What do you guys think? Let me know in the comments down below

#Microsoft Buying EA And Valve According To Rumors