A $350 Hackintosh That Can Compete With $1,300 iMac!

macOS is a pretty great operating system—with apps like Final Cut Pro X, Logic, Alfred, Pixelmator, and more, it’s no wonder that Apple’s Mac lineup has seen such loyalty. That said, iMac is not cheap, neither is MacBook Pro, or even Mac mini! In this video, Snazzy Labs builds a High Sierra hackintosh (and shows you how to make a hackintosh) designed to outperform—or at least hang with—Apple’s entire lineup: for less than $350! That’s a pretty sweet hackintosh build!

Video by Snazzylabs

What do you guys think? Love it or hate you gotta admit that Quinn did an amazing job making this video!

#A $350 Hackintosh That Can Compete With $1,300 iMac!