6 Most Disappointing Video Game Sequels To Great Games


Right now I think that sequels are not made anymore to advance the storyline or continue the previous quests. I think sequels are made so that companies like EA can make money out of people’s nostalgia and series reputation. Hell, some are not even connected in any way they just use the name of the game to make it more exciting so that stupid people like us can buy them again.

Here are 6 most disappointing video game sequels



It wants to be respectful of military veterans and present a realistic, gritty experience with a heart string-tugging story that’s layered with a thrilling secret operations plot – but it’s so fundamentally jumbled, thrown together, and confusing that I can’t begin to recommend it. – Meristation
This isn’t just an upsetting sequel or me-too military shooter – Warfighter is disrespectful of your time and unwilling or unable to adapt to what’s been done better elsewhere. – IGN
A formulaic experience that feels rushed, ill-thought out and hollow. Its gameplay is rote and its mechanic is derivative. To be frank, I’m tired of this. Shooter fans are not simply teenage consumers of asinine adventure. We deserve better. – NZGamer


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Glaring deficiencies, such as the redundant environments, weak camera system, and most importantly, a severe lack of challenge. – Adrenaline Vault
It’s a disappointing title that’s shallow where the first was deep, plain where the first was decorative and imaginative, and simple where the other was complex. – IGN
Many of the changes to the gameplay are marginal at best, and many of them can be completely ignored for more conventional methods of slashing and shooting, and while it is fun to try to pull off ultimate action-movie sequences, this thrill only lasts so long. – GamingWorld X




Playing through Castlevania: Lords of Shadow 2 felt more like work than having fun. That has us seriously wondering who this game is meant for. The traditional Castlevania player might get a heart attack from the first enemy that jumps out at you with a laser gun. The Lords of Shadow fan will simply observe regression. – InsideGamer.nl
Awkward combat, frustrating stealth sections, lack of originality and a hammy story are a few of the many nails in Castlevania: Lords Of Shadow 2’s coffin. – NowGamer
Lords of Shadow 1 suffered from feeling like a God of War clone with poor platforming. Lords of Shadow 2, on the other hand, no longer feels like a clone. It just feels like a generic action game. It has a story you don’t care about, a mashy combat system, and generic enemies and locales. The only good thing about this game is its voice acting, but even Robert Carlyle can’t save this one. – Cheat Code Central


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Ultimately, this game is a very sub-par offering that has no real reason to exist. Everything that is good about Crackdown 2 is already in the original Crackdown, and many of the problems in Crackdown 2 are unique entirely to this installment. In essence, all Crackdown 2 does is take the original game and make it worse. – Destructoid
It’s admirable that the guys who made Crackdown 2 have created a sequel every bit as good as the original. It’s just a shame they don’t have that insight into the genre at large. Because there’s almost nothing in Crackdown 2 to recommend it over the competition. On the whole, I’d rather be in Panau. – GameShark
Quite honestly, I would recommend the first game over Crackdown 2 with no hesitation, and based on what’s actually here, it seems to me that positioning the effort as a piece of $15 DLC would have been far more appropriate than trying to pass it off as a $60 retail release. – GameCritics


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DC3’s biggest problem is the visuals – not the look but the presentation. Camera angles constantly change perspective – often times during platform jumps – and you’re forced to suddenly change direction on the controller. – GamePro
Its presentation isn’t enough to warrant play. Remaining true to its roots in the last generation of gaming, Dino Crisis 3 features an extremely deplorable camera, mediocre action, and a B-rated story. – Gamer’s Pulse
If, somehow, you’re able to get past the pervasive and ceaseless problems with the camera, underneath it is a halfway decent action game that suffers from repetitive gameplay, ceaseless backtracking of the “find the blue key and then run halfway across the map to use it” sort, and an utterly inane story. – GameShark



As much as I loathe this implementation of loot boxes, I still keep playing Battlefront II and I will probably continue to do so on and off. I mean, I do like the game. I just wish it wasn’t being squandered like this. You’d be well-advised to wait until overhauls arrive — assuming they ever do. – Destructoid
Even the tinsel of the Star Wars world cannot hide the silly story and the boring singleplayer gameplay, or the necessity to accumulate the credits in the crate hunting in multiplayer. Battlefront II pleases as a genuine shooter in the beautiful scenery, but EA should deserve a slap into the face for their mad progression system. – Games.cz
Put very simply, the Star Card system ruins what’s otherwise an actual improvement from the first of DICE’s galactic efforts. There are indeed more ways to play, albeit those ways come in the form of a largely forgettable campaign and an arcade mode that’s ultimately just not rewarding. Multiplayer is a little better, but the entire progression system is flawed at its very core, and they run through the entire experience at large. It would take a massive overhaul that’s likely impossible in order to clean up this mess. – App Trigger
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#6 Most Disappointing Video Game Sequels To Great Games