Biggest Hyped Video Games That Failed Miserably After The Launch


Hype! Hype can kill or make a game. I have seen great gaming franchises failed overnight only because of hype hmm…. alright, that was too philosophical. But seriously though Hype is bad for games and mostly created to sell more copies and just create more buzz around it. But some were hyped to an extent that made them destined to fail!

These are some of the biggest video games that failed miserably after the launch.


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Evolve has rare highs hidden amongst tedious lows. When the title hits its stride, it is easy to see why it was designed in this way – Worth Playing
Evolve should have been great. It isn’t. Worse still is that its core idea feels as if it has been undermined by over-complication and, more disappointingly, the worst practices of modern publishing. – VideoGamer
No actual campaign and focus on four players and one monster feels fresh only for a while. Currently, the constant repetition simply becomes boring, and interesting content fills only a couple of evenings. – Eurogamer Poland


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Street Fighter V is easily the fighting title I’ve had the most fun playing in my 20 years of gaming. That’s also why the overall package is such a disappointment. Instead of getting a feature complete, content filled package, we’re instead left with a bare bones offering that doesn’t even have the basics of the genre. The gameplay is phenomenal, with the enhancements being a natural progression of the series, but you have so few ways to experience it. – We Got This Covered
More frustrating is the fact that a few matches were so painfully choppy that I put the controller down in frustration – letting opponents revel in their perfect victory as my side looked like it was missing entire chunks of the match. – Examiner


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Aside from its charming presentation and humorous characters, it all feels a little shallow, offering snippets of things we’ve seen hundreds of times before. – GameGrin
Battleborn has plenty of ambition, but it just isn’t particularly satisfying to play. It isn’t broken, it’s just the whole experience feels lightweight and derivative. – Gameplanet 
We wish the story had a stronger narrative, the online restrictions weren’t so frustrating, and the humor had more variety. But the diversity in everyone’s abilities and playstyles should be enough to keep the light of this last star shining for dedicated Gearbox fans. – Easy Allies


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There can be no doubt that Hello Games set out on a journey of extreme ambition with No Man’s Sky. Unfortunately, too much of a good thing can turn into something bad, which sadly reflects the reality of this never-ending game. While it is a beautiful, inspiring and gigantic title, No Man’s Sky lacks the depth, the polish and the substance of a truly great adventure. –
A stunning technical achievement and a mesmerisingly addictive one, even after you realise how simplistic and repetitive it really is. – Metro GameCentral
No Man’s Sky is a very interesting experiment and a boring videogame. First hours are really pleasant but the magic disappears pretty quickly and you’re left with a repetitive and uninteresting obligation to explore new planets. In time it could be something really good but right now it’s flawed both on the technical and gameplay side (and the finale is disappointing to say the least). My expectations were shattered. –
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#Biggest Hyped Video Games That Failed Miserably After The Launch