5 Biggest Video Games That Came Out Unfinished And Broken

It’s no surprise that game publishers push developers into making games bigger more money making friendly and mostly what hurts the game most is to make them faster. The process of making games is something that requires a lot of time and research but due to the force of publisher on developers they have to release the game quickly and this makes them hurt the game. Today we are counting down games that came out unfinished and still got away with it (sort of)


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PUBG is the clear choice for the Battle Royale era. However, for players who are not satisfied with the game should wait for the future updates. – Merlin’in Kazanı (Turkey)
I have faith that with such a large following (and cash flow) the PUBG team will eventually get things squared away, but for now, this game still feels like it’s in early access. However, PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds is an absolute blast to play and has a broad appeal that few other games can match. As long as you temper your expectations (and make sure you have a decent PC), then this is one of the top games of 2017 to check out. – Game Revolution
PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds did not invent the battle royale genre but is the game that exploits it better than anyone else. With 30 millions players and after becoming a phenomenon on Twich, it’s one of the biggest surprises of 2017 but is still far from being considered a masterpiece. – Eurogamer Italy


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Sonic the Hedgehog may share its name with the Genesis original, but this game is even more broken than most of the other recent Sonic games have been. – GameSpot
While it may please hardcore fans of the series with its addicting time-based action segments, it will surely alienate everyone else thanks to the abundance of non-Sonic elements: RPG town-wandering, additional less-enjoyable characters, and a god awful camera. – Deeko
Not only are the voices horrible, as is the case for most Sonic games, but the story makes very little sense. It’s like if you took any basic Nintendo story like Mario saving the Princess, lengthened it to several hours long, and filled it with mindless details that make no logical sense at all. – GameBrink



Ride to Hell: Retribution just manages to offer more than ten hours of virtual breakdown. – 3DJuegos
The most imaginative thing that happened to me in my time playing this game is that a noiseless combine harvester came towards me and I had to run away from it. – Eurogamer
So, is it trashy enough to gather a cult following, however tiny? Partly. The funnily deformed characters, gallons of bad pixel blood, choppy dialogue and the surreal scenes of arbitrary love-making do exude a certain broken brand of charm. But even these traces of unintentional hilariousness don’t change the fact that actually playing Ride to Hell never is anything even remotely resembling fun. – Eurogamer Germany



The game can’t escape its shortcomings, but patient explorers can still find a few stars shining in the darkness. – GameSpot
If the combat is Andromeda’s most pleasant surprise, it is the alarming drop-off in the game’s writing that is of most concern. The dialogue, in particular, is unusually flat and laboured for a Bioware game, while Andromeda often fumbles what should be its biggest moments. – Telegraph
Andromeda is an undeniable mess, one that is now being hurriedly fixed after it already “enjoyed” its most effective sales period. The state it released in – considering the money and publisher behind it – is hard to conceive, let alone forgive, but a game can be a buggy mess and remain fun. Andromeda is fun… sometimes. Other times it’s a dreary slog through recycled cutscenes, infantile character interactions, and a lot of badly masked loading screens. – The Jimquisition


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Imagine a game that would make “Smokey and the Bandit” look like Gilbert and Sullivan. I know it’s difficult to imagine but Big Rigs: Over the Road Racing is so pathetic it makes a sandpaper-and-vinegar enema sound positively delightful. Not that I would know. – Cheat Code Central
If you hate someone, and I mean HATE someone, give them this game as a gift, in the hopes that they’ll play it, because that way you can say to them, “haha, you’re an idiot who plays Big Rigs!” I wish I could think of some redeeming factors for the game, but there simply aren’t any. – Thunderbolt
So astoundingly bad that it manages to transcend nearly every boundary put forth by some of gaming’s absolute worst of the worst and easily makes it into that dubiously extraordinary category of being one of the most atrocious games ever published. – GameSpot
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#5 Biggest Video Games That Came Out Unfinished And Broken