Witcher 3 Is Something Incredible And Did Something Unique

I played the Witcher 3 for the first time 2 years ago. I was at a friend’s house and they had just purchased it for their Xbox one and were playing it on their little 22 inch TV in the corner of their bedroom. As I watched my friend play through the Bloody Baron questline I found myself fascinated. This was both a game that had her frantically trying to manage the combat, crafting, and magic systems while also engaging both of us in its branching narrative. We had only been sitting there for 10 minutes, but I was already hooked and engaged in the story to the point where all I wanted was more. I had tasted the forbidden fruit and knew I had to experience this game for myself. So I purchased the Witcher 3 on Steam and began to play through it. And I quickly realized, the Witcher 3: Wild Hunt had done something incredible.

Video By Luke Stephens 

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#Witcher 3 Is Something Incredible And Did Something Unique