6 Hidden PS3 Video Games Gems That You Should Play Right Now

PS3 was and still the weirdest console Sony ever produced. After record sales and reception of PS2 Sony had to make a big impact with their next system and technically they did but at the same time, they didn’t. Price was too out of reach for a console and the market was actually not perfectly curated. Even though it did sell nearly 100 million it wasn’t considered as a huge success for Sony. Let’s put it this way….. PS3 was a console that was ahead of its time into the wrong generation. Say what you want to say about the console but it had some of the most phenomenal video games and today we are counting some of them.

Resonance of Fate

resonance of fate.jpg

Resonance of Fate is definitely for hardcore RPG fans only, but at the same time the map and combat systems make it substantially different from anything you’ll have likely played before. – TheSixthAxis
Resonance of Fate has an amazing fighting system, but is also a very weird game, with strange sexual jokes. – InsideGamer
A hugely interesting game, as fascinating as it is frequently frustrating, as engaging as it is eccentric and, for those who are hooked by its quirky charms, it will provide one of the most inspired approaches to the JRPG seen in a decade. – Eurogamer

Enslaved: Odyssey To The West

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It might be too simple to call Enslaved: Odyssey to the West a melee-centric Uncharted, but it is not that far off and it is certainly not a bad thing. – GameZone
This game has a good story and a unique setting. The emotional bond between Monkey and Trip is pretty good and the gameplay is a bit basic, but fast and nice to play. If you like good stories in games with easy gameplay and overall a great adventure, than Enslaved: Odyssey to the West is your game. – PSFocus
Another dark post-apocalyptic action-adventure? Nope. Enslaved introduces gamers to a gorgeous and detailed world, full of mechanical quirkiness. If you can look past his flaws, you’ll be rewarded with one of the best sci-fi games of the year. Give it a try, you wont regret it! – Eurogamer



Six months from now, during the midst of the annual games drought in new titles, shooter games no better than TimeShift will be favored by some, if not many, critics and will also sell well to a thirsty FPS audience. To significantly mark off this title right now would be, if you’ll pardon the pun, merely a matter of timing. – Worth Playing
A great deal of work was done to bring the look and feel of TimeShift up to date, though an equal amount of time should have been spent on the design and presentation. – IGN
Timeshift starts off with a bang, with impressive visuals and God-like powers at your fingertips. The bang, however, fails to last throughout the game, and you’ll constantly find it harder and harder to keep going. – GamingExcellence

The Unfinished Swan

unifinshed swan.jpg

There are very few games which are able to buck trends with aplomb and do it this gracefully. Pick it up when you can and give it the time it deserves. – BigPond GameArena
The Unfinished Swan is a fairy tale told beautifully through the cooperative effort of the game’s graphics, sound, and intuitive gameplay. Polished beyond belief, its hard to believe that this Picasso is going for a PSN price. – Playstation Universe
A beautiful, intense but short surprise. A great experience anybody interested in games should buy, taking into account that its opening sequence feels way better than the rest of the gameplay, and that most players will only go through the story once, that is 4-5 hours tops. – Vandal

Dark Sector

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Dark Sector is a very good game; the off-world, strikingly science-fiction oriented FPS demonstrated years ago bears very little resemblance to what has been shrink-wrapped and shipped off to your local game retailers — and that’s a very good thing. – Worth Playing
It’s not going to set the world alight like Gears of War and it doesn’t revolutionise survival horror like Resident Evil 4, but its thrilling combat and sensational visuals make it well worth adding to your collection. – VideoGamer
If Dark Sector were a student, he’d be expelled for plagiarism. Thankfully, the Glaive more than makes up for the rampant copying of mechanics and ideas. – GamerNode

Call Of Juarez: Gunslinger


An action-packed love letter to the old west, and with its engaging combat, charming sense of style and overall craziness you really can’t say no to the entertainment of this shooting gallery. – Gamer.no
Why it puts such emphasis on its broken dueling mechanic is confounding, and its ludicrous load times and occasional crashes are marks against it, but the good beats out the bad and the ugly. – IGN
The new Call of Juarez feels like an ode to the Wild Wild West. Although it doesn’t bring anything new to the table, it has some pretty amazing shoot-outs and a few impressive Lucky Luke-like surroundings. – XGN
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#6 Hidden PS3 Video Games Gems That You Should Play Right Now