Most Overrated Video Games Of 2017 That Everyone Loved But We Hated

The Term “Overrated” is very dangerous if used by bloggers in video games, movies because it is a term that is often used by people who DON’T Like the game or DIDN’T had the time to play it. I am really scared to use the term “Overrated” for games but I gotta do what I gotta do.  These are some of the most popular games of 2017 that majority of the people loved but we honestly hated them.

We are counting down Most Overrated Video game of 2017

Friday The 13th


There aren’t many games that can offer a camaraderie aspect to the survival horror genre, and Friday the 13th delivers in that regard. It could certainly use a lot more fine tuning and adjustments, but for now, it delivers on a solidly campy experience. – Destructoid
Friday the 13th: The Game is a fun but flawed experience. When it is on, it feels great. The feeling of hunting down that last survivor or dodging Jason and escaping at the final moment is tough to beat. However, the technical glitches and lack of launch content drag it down. If you’re willing to overlook them, then you’ll find an enjoyable experience that should improve down the line. – Worth Playing
It’s a pretty cool concept, but the execution leaves a lot to be desired, especially as far as the clunky controls and technical inaccuracies go. –

Sonic Mania

sonic mania

Sonic Mania is like a greatest hits album that your favourite artist may release, with a few new tracks as a bonus. It has a high level of nostalgia, gloss and polish and will really challenge your skill, reflexes and patience. There’s quite a bit to get stuck into, but you may find yourself being frustrated. If you love the little blue chap and relish a challenge, speed along to the e-shop and pick this up. – Switch Player
It’s nice to see Sonic back on track: Mania manages to capture the franchise core better than Segas last tries like Sonic Boom. There are some shortcomings here but if you can look past them, you will get a decent comeback from the speedy hedgehog –
Sonic Mania is a love letter to fans of the franchise, who will no doubt lap it up. But it also feels like a missed opportunity to be what Sega has never achieved before: a truly great Sonic game. – Pocket Gamer UK



If you only consider its narrative, art direction, music and lore, Pyre is absolutely gorgeous. But its “combat” mechanic just doesn’t succeed in being totally fun. – Gameblog
The bizarre mix of influences and gameplay doesn’t always gel, but the visuals and writing help paper over the cracks in this admirably unique adventure. – Metro GameCentral
Pyre’s strengths lie in a lot of things: it’s beautiful visuals, amazing score, multi-branching tale, gameplay that somehow marries the best of sports games and tactical RPGs. But it’s wrapped in an expansive story that doesn’t quite earn its keep over its many hours, and fails to flesh out the endearing characters you meet and spend time with all along the way. In the end though, Pyre’s a quest worth taking if ou’re up for the challenge and the inevitble dread you’ll feel when you lose sometimes. – USgamer



Rime certainly is a beautiful-looking game at first glance, but this port for Nintendo Switch is horribly marred by degraded resolution and spotty frame rates. If you really want to experience this game, I’d recommend checking out other platforms as the Switch version of Rime simply does not do this title any justice. Personally, I am trading my copy in and buying it on PC instead. – kmfnj
OMG! Horrible conversion. And the pathetic guilty of developers who talk about choices aware of the damage to resolution and framed worse things. For those who have spent money I hope that an important patch will come soon. Nintendo should not allow certain publications on its machines. – Paolone
Rime was suppose to be a great game…But I cant get past how choppy it is. The frame-rate drops to almost nil and at points, the graphics downgrade to shoddy pixel art. I waited for this game. Had it preordered for months. Didn’t care that it got pushed back. I wanted to play this game….Too bad its a halfassed port – Zaiaku

What Remains Of Edith Finch


What remains of Edith Finch is less a game, more an experiment in a new medium I refer to as an interactive experience. The games nails its aesthetic, sound design, and it’s narrative is an emotional roller coaster that I think fans of the genre should experience. Personally I’d rent it, it’s a niche experience but if its for you go for it – TheCriticL
My first and last ‘story’ type ‘game’. Can this really be called a game without competition, points, or any action taken not influencing the outcome? No. I’d call it the digital cartoon equivalent of a pop-up book. Essentially a tragic, somewhat depressing story told with beautiful visuals, this is less a game and more a literary visual art work. – FilmSnob
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#Most Overrated Video Games Of 2017 That Everyone Loved But We Hated