God Of War For PS4 Graphics Downgraded?

Sony finally revealed the launch date for the upcoming God of War PS4 with a brand new story trailer.

The Trailor focuses on the story of Krato’s son and shows their journey throughout the world.

The Trailor actually looks pretty awesome and shows a lot of things that actually would have been better if they didn’t but anyways in the trailer it looks like that some environment, the atmosphere has been changed up a little bit and those make a huge difference. I said “difference” not “downgrade” and I said that because some people think that they actually downgraded the whole game to make it run smooth in the PS4 normal version.

AND SHOCKER… TURNS OUT it is not downgraded. According to the the principal artist behind the game has come out clarifying why certain scenes look different this time.

god of war .png

Translation of the reply – What has changed is just the direction of light and fog, the content is the same as the E3 trailer, but different context, you will understand when you play. The Jormungandr, Kratos and Atreus continue exactly like the trailer  are comparing with other scenes and lights. I’m laughing seeing the comments :)”

So it looks like to me that we will be experiencing a change of environment, lights based on our style of gameplay? I think it could be if you beat the whole game and come back those things are changed you know to not break the immersion I guess.

Also, do you guys really think that Santa Monica would ever downgrade graphics of their game? I don’t think so but I think they can improve the graphics if they want to.

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#God Of War For PS4 Graphics Downgraded?