5 Gigantic Video Games That Take A Genius To Beat

Do you have enough MIND POWER to finish all of these games?

Listed down below are probably some of the most hardest “Learning” video games ever made.



You don’t often get the sense of achievement and exploration Kerbal Space Program offers for its price-tag. After you manage to get around the learning curve you’ll find an immensely educational and fun game. You can’t truly call yourself a space enthusiast and miss out on that one. After all, how hard can rocket science be? – Ragequit.gr
An inspired mix of real science, sandbox gameplay, and space simulation – that is both a lot more entertaining and a lot more accessible than you’d expect. – Metro GameCentral
If you have even a spark of interest in the space, you should consider purchasing. Kerbal Space Program is complex, but unique. – GameStar


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Even with high expectations going in The Talos Principle still blew me away. Through excellent puzzle design and a thought-provoking narrative, this easily stands among some of my favorites games this year. – PSNStores
There are a few performance issues here on console but that aside Talos Principal is an excellent puzzle based game that keeps players engaged and perplexed, a winning combination all around in my book. – ZTGD
The Talos Principle is an essential game that every video game lover needs to add to their collection. Intrusive puzzles, a mysterious story and some philosophical questions about consciousness and being a human. – XGN



I’ve played a lot of the launch lineup for Playstation VR but nothing has come close to the amount of fun that I’ve had with Keep Talking and Nobody Explodes. It’s one of the few VR experiences that can be even more fun for people without the headset on. – DarkStation
If you’re surrounded by the right group, this is tremendous fun, where the innovative connection of communication and teamwork is the key to success. – 4Players.de
Keep Talking and Nobody Explodes is a unique and fundamentally excellent party game. It is a rare example of a game in which failure can be as much fun as success. If you have friends over regularly or have people over party chat that don’t mind reading a manual then there are few cooperative experiences that can beat it. – PlayStation Country


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Simple and complex, HackNet is a thrilling and eye opening look into the world that keeps making headlines in the news. Kudos to Team Fractal Alligator for making something so complex feel accessible to everyone. – DarkStation
Hacknet lacks the depth and freedom of the close relative TIS-100. But it gives you a sense of what goes on in the real hacking world – an interesting experience. – 4Players.de
The premise of Hacknet and my preexisting interest in the idea of a UNIX-based hacking sim had me going into this excited and hopeful. The quality gameplay and sense of reward from figuring things out kept me playing hours on end, and excited to tell others how cool of a game this was. – Digital Chumps


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You could play this game for years before you really started to feel like you might have seen everything it had to offer. If you can just get past the rough beginning, the difficulty, and the steep learning curve, Eve Online is the biggest game you could possibly hope to play. – Game Revolution
A robust tutorial. Classless character builds. Overwhelmingly open-ended gameplay. Ship designs you’ll need to wear a bib for. And a breed of PvP that’ll make adrenaline junkies sign up for rehab. Sci-fi worshipers: This is your Mecca. – Gaming Nexus
You must have patience and be excited about non-structured gameplay in order for it to be worth the price of admission. Action-hungry thrill-mongers will do themselves a favor by steering clear of this one. – Adrenaline Vault
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#5 Gigantic Video Games That Take A Genius To Beat