6 Weirdest Video Games Of 2017 That Everyone Should Play At Least Once


2017 was an amazing year for gaming and I am quite sure that you have already heard about this millions of times now. There were massive open worlds, RPG, FPS and Fighting games. It’s safe to say that 2017 was a diverse year for gaming as a whole. But there are still some games left that everyone needs to play and these are some of the weirdest and amazing games you didn’t play in 2017


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Paradigm is a uniquely creative blend of art, music and consistently humorous gameplay. It’s an absurdist adventure like no other, and one that’s earned its place among the classics. – Adventure Gamers
Fascinating and surreal adventure with witty dialogues, bizarre scenes, countless innuendoes and imaginative puzzles. – GameStar
Paradigm is proof that quality isn’t the sole domain of big names and hefty budgets. Although the puzzles are a bit lackluster, the overall experience of the game makes it a must-have for fans of the genre. Players that enjoy absurdity and thrill at the idea geeky humor and internet memes brought to life will love Paradigm in all its weird and wonderful glory. – The Overpowered Noobs


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Pyre is SuperGiant Games’ best game to date. It is a compelling, original formula, winch combines RPG and tactical sports where the spell is cast through its character’s charisma, the overwhelming options you always have at your grasp, the instant fun of the matches, and through deep, strong storytelling. – LaPS4
It feels disingenuous to even try and write words about Pyre, another Supergiant masterpiece. – PlayStation LifeStyle
Pyre’s strengths lie in a lot of things: it’s beautiful visuals, amazing score, multi-branching tale, gameplay that somehow marries the best of sports games and tactical RPGs. But it’s wrapped in an expansive story that doesn’t quite earn its keep over its many hours, and fails to flesh out the endearing characters you meet and spend time with all along the way. In the end though, Pyre’s a quest worth taking if ou’re up for the challenge and the inevitble dread you’ll feel when you lose sometimes. – USgamer


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Polybius provides the feeling of having one’s mind washed clean for a few moments, shaken free of clutter. – Washington Post
I’m fully prepared to accept that this may well be another gamer’s classic. Sure, I’m underwhelmed and would much rather Atari stopped being pricks and would just let Minter unleash TxK onto PSVR but Polybius is currently doing very well in the reviews. So, maybe it’s just me and this game might end up being the classic you’re hoping it is. But from where I’m sitting this is a bit of a mess and just too simplistic compared to my favourite Llamasoft games. – PlayStation Country
Fasten your seat belts, because you’re about to go for an authentic Jeff-Minter-trance-lysergic-VR ride. Polybius offers pretty simple yet robust gameplay basics, and a good punishment-reward balance that requires a little bit of strategy. Protip: take a breath, once in a while, or you may send your brain in overdrive. – The Games Machine


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Those two semi-complaints aside, I definitely think that Tooth and Tail is worth a look. It has a compelling and well-crafted world coupled with beautiful pixel art graphics and a challenging and interesting campaign. It has a unique and fun multiplayer mode that has grown on me despite my quibbles. And more than anything, it shows the power of a studio determined to execute on their vision and the dedication to achieve a design laser-focused on providing a specific experience. – GameSpace
Tooth and Tail is a masterful exercise in taking the RTS formula, streamlining it and creating an endlessly entertaining experience tailored in an incredibly beautiful and cute aesthetic package. – Eurogamer Italy
Its humour and quick mission times make it an interesting prospect in a genre filled with far-too-serious stories and long, drawn-out missions; but the constantly babysitting your units drags it back from being anything truly special. – God is a Geek


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The few hours I spent with Everything were far from wasted. It is a one-of-a-kind interactive experience that will lead most players to think long and hard about the universe and their place in it. Any game that can do that – and especially one that does it with such panache and fearless ambition – earns my stamp of approval. – Post Arcade (National Post)
A nice, weird walk and a philosophical lecture, both unfortunately ruined by how hard the game drives its point home. Everything would be cleverer if it wasn’t seemingly trying to be so clever. – VideoGamer
Everything is a unique and experimental simulation of the universe, supported by philosophical thoughts and interaction outside the box. – Multiplayer.it


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There isn’t an adequate term for titles that blend clunky platforming with choose-you-own-adventure friendship simulators. Nor is there a word to describe games that feature knife-fighting minigames and Guitar Hero-inspired band practices. But, again, maybe that’s a big part of Night in the Woods’ appeal. It’s a confident outsider, and one that takes pleasure is celebrating the weird ways that everything comes together in life. – Destructoid
Night in the Woods is a graphic novel filled with small stories. The lack of a bigger story and the slow start make this game hard to keep playing, but in the end it is definitely worth while. – InsideGamer.nl
Night in the Woods is one of those games you don’t forget, with a great story and relatable characters. Behind that colorful, cartoonish look, there’s a very deep world. – Vandal
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#6 Weirdest Video Games Of 2017 That Everyone Should Play At Least Once