6 Massive Modern PC Video Games With Phenomenal Graphics

Graphics! Graphics! Graphics! Everywhere

Don’t tell me you don’t look at the graphics while playing games. Because practically that would be impossible and that’s because even the worst graphics in the game are still considered as “Graphics” and the 2d assets in small indie games are also considered as “Graphics”

A Lot of newcomers says that only gameplay matters and that’s totally true but you cannot ignore Graphics. How will you play a game and I mean how will you enjoy a true gameplay without graphics? Think about that

Today we are counting down 6 Modern PC Games with absolutely amazing graphics.


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For fans of single-player FPS campaigns DOOM is a juggernaut, and some of the most fun I’ve had in gaming for years. It’s never going to grab you with an engrossing plot of spectacular linear set pieces, but the flawless combat ensures DOOM just never lets up. – Game Debate
It ticks off every item on a list of things a modern Doom should have, including several items you didn’t even know were on the list in the first place. They may not make shooters like this anymore, but the runaway success of this game serves as long overdue proof that they really should. – Giant Bomb
Doom manages to challenge the conventions of the first-person shooter genre by going back to its roots. It will have you breathing heavily, cursing in frustration, and screaming in triumph. The multiplayer is a bit of a letdown, but the campaign is absolutely glorious. – The Escapist


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Aside from a few sputters during the animation when entering the Batmobile and the FPS cap at 30, I didn’t experience any of the problems many PC players were experiencing with the game. If any dark, rainy, dirty and downtrodden city could be beautiful, it’s Gotham in Arkham Knight. – GameCrate
After four months of work, Batman: Arkham Knight comes as the masterpiece it should have been from day one. – Multiplayer.it


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I realise all these caveats render a scored review somewhat meaningless, so the takeaway message is this; if you’ve never played Last Light, you should – it’s an excellent game, and you should opt for this version. If you’ve already played it, however, you don’t need to upgrade. – GameWatcher
The game becomes much more of a survival-horror title with the new available options, and if you’re new you can try both styles and decide for yourself. Otherwise, there’s really no reason to prefer the original over this remastering. – Hooked Gamers
Still as atmospheric and impressively grim as it was last year, but inessential if you have the original. – PC Gamer


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Crytek’s last work is an excellent product. Crysis 3 on PC offers an awesome gaming experience, thanks to stunning graphics and a fast paced gameplay. – SpazioGames
A self-assured but largely unambitious game, content to refine the experience of the previous games in the series without deviating very far from the standard that they set. – GameSpy
On the PC, Crysis 3 is certainly better compared to the console versions, with Cry Engine 3 able to give the game true visual splendor, without asking for exorbitant hardware resources. – IGN Italia


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The current paragon of role-playing titles and open worlds, The Witcher: Wild Hunt is a game for the ages; a rich and immersive world full of significant decisions and a feeling of intelligent and epic fantasy. Peerless. – LevelUp
I would gladly hand the game a 100 and call it game of the forever, but slow plot movement, a quest where Geralt walked over an edge to his death, and a variety of other nitpicks and time sinks makes me have to say that this game isn’t anywhere to perfect – legendary, in its own right, memorable, but it’s not perfect. – Ten Ton Hammer
This is the new standard for open world role-playing games. There is no such thing as a perfect game, but The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt come as close to perfect as any RPG to date. – DarkStation


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For those of you who were suffering from franchise fatigue, Assassin’s Creed Origins should cure your ailment. Ubisoft’s increased development time for the game brought a gigantic open-world full of stories, exciting battles, and a loot system that have you exploring for dozens of hours. – GameCrate
I could wax on about Assassin’s Creed Origins for a long time. For all its foibles it’s a staggering achievement, and most certainly the best the series has ever offered alongside Black Flag. Those who prefer the dense city networks of the original games may bounce off it a little, but for anyone even remotely interested in the prospect of The Witcher and Assassin’s Creed crossing paths, this comes highly recommended. – Game Debate
Assassin’s Creed: Origins marks a new beginning for the series as this open-world prequel successfully merges the old and new. While not perfect, the result is still a deeply satisfying Egyptian playground that will revitalize your love for a series that was starting to fall by the wayside. – App Trigger
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#6 Massive Modern PC Video Games With Phenomenal Graphics