Most Rarest & Expensive Valuable PS4 Exclusives Video Games

PS4 is a new gaming console and by new, I mean the latest one. I am not going round and round and this time straight to the topic. PS4 have a lot of exclusives, Like 100s of exclusives and that’s probably the only reason it is getting so popular but there is one more thing that makes PS4 a different gaming console and that is the RARE games that are not available to purchase anymore. We are counting down some of the Rarest & Valuable PS4 Exclusives Video Games

Silent Hills PT (Estimated Value: £2000)


It is only a demo, but it is an excellent one. There are some excellent scares, an incredibly creepy house, and the reveal at the end if you do not already know it will make your jaw drop. Just make sure not to give up the first time you die, because it isn’t the end. And most importantly, check absolutely everything for clues, it is the only way to progress. – cabot970
This demo did an amazing job doing what it was intended for… scaring the s#!t out of everyone, and getting them ready for Silent Hill – MJtheMC
The first game ever that gets me scared playing. Nice graphics. I hope game industry start to build decent games like this one and stop selling junk one day. – marcos1414

Retro City Rampage DX (Estimated Value: £130+)

retro city.png

It’s a nostalgic trip, one that’s backed by some genuinely solid design. – DarkStation
Overall I really enjoyed my time with Retro City Rampage DX is this is the best way to play the game, with slight improvements to the controls and game difficulty. – Brash Games
Wow what a difference a “re-balancing” makes. Basically “re-balancing” here means “make it easier” but it is so much better with additional checkpoints and less difficulty – FriedConsole

Strafe (Estimated Value: £120+)


Strafe has the look and style to stand out, but Pixel Titans should have been focusing on making sure the game was not only fully functional, but actually fun to play, as well. – New Game Network
A loveable slice of 90s nostalgia, but compared to shooters both new and old it’s surprisingly limp and inappropriately difficult. – Metro GameCentral
Even at a slight discount, I kind of regret getting this game. It’s not the worst thing I’ve ever played, but there were some big mistakes for what could’ve been a decent game – Untitled94

Gryphon Knight Epic (Estimated Value: £150+)


Gryphon Knight Epic might not be the most mechanically sound shooter to hit the PlayStation 4, but its raw ideas are abundant. It’s a humble game that somehow manages to stand out in the face of competition of all eras and styles, from R-Type to Mamorukun Curse. Players out of the loop with shoot ‘em ups won’t necessarily appreciate the adjustments its deviations from the formula, but there’s enough here for the game to take to the sky like the titular gryphon. – Digitally Downloaded
This is a vertical shooter that is a blast and has a bit of depth to it. Upgrades and bosses are fun. Difficulty is just right without being too hard like these games usually are now – FriedConsole

Saturday Morning RPG (Estimated Value: £200+)


I cannot recommend this game enough if things like Transformers, G.I. Joe, and He-Man make you smile. This game will have you grinning ear-to-ear from start to finish. – ZTGD
While it doesn’t come to a satisfying conclusion, Saturday Morning RPG remains an entertaining light-hearted romp that will strike all the right chords for those that grew up with Transformers and G.I. Joe. – We Got This Covered
While Saturday Morning RPG won’t blow RPGamers away with its overall presence, it has a ton of heart and soul. – RPGamer
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#Most Rarest & Expensive Valuable PS4 Exclusives Video Games