6 Failed Games That Deserve A Second Chance

Not every game gets favorable reception for the first time. Hype is bad and good but in most cases it’s BAD! but why? Hype brings out something called “Fake Expectation” and Yes, that’s a made-up word but hear me out. When a Hyped game is shown to the public what happens is people start to make up things that won’t be available in the game and sometimes expect too much. And Then Expectations failed, people get’s pissed and everything goes downhill. These are some games down below that experienced over-hyped reception but deserves a second chance.


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Yooka-Laylee liberally shatters the fourth wall by acknowledging its own existence as a game. Each time dialogue happened between characters, I eagerly awaited jokes about other games. You even get herded through quiz-style sequences; thankfully, these don’t serve as roadblocks as much as they do fun allusions to games like Banjo-Kazooie. I laughed out loud at these silly references on multiple occasions, and some of the fun story moments are just as amusing as the gameplay. – Game Informer

Yooka-Laylee is the triumphant return of the true platform games. Playtonic has managed to mix everything good of this genre and turn it into something fresh and wonderful. – Areajugones

Yooka Laylee is a great example of what can be achieved with the 3D platform. It is let down only by its lack of motivating narrative progression, and a tendency to get a little monotonous. – The Digital Fix


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Web of Shadows assembles a great cast of heroes and villains, combines them with a fantastic story, and integrates an intuitive and exciting control scheme and evolving combat system that easily makes this the best Spider-Man game ever made to date for any system. – Game Chronicles

If you don’t mind playing a game for six or seven hours before getting to the good stuff, Web of Shadows eventually packs a nice little punch. However, if you want instant gratification from your games, this experience won’t do much for you. – Game Informer

The animation is slick, and there are many appreciable smaller touches, but it’s also tarnished by repetition and technical issues. If you’ve never been a fan of the series, this installment certainly won’t change your mind. However, if you’re a die-hard fan who was disappointed by Spider-Man 3, Web of Shadows should be right up your alley. – GameSpy


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Warframe, which has been out for PC since March, is free-to-play on the PS4, and in spite of its bugs, is worth the no-cost price. – Game Revolution

Simply put, PS4 owners lose nothing by giving Digital Extreme’s third-person shooter a try, and may gain an entertaining timesink to enjoy with friends while waiting for the next wave of PS4 games. – Cheat Code Central

With an asking price of nothing, it’s not unreasonable that Warframe charges for things, but when the game’s main hook is getting more loot, it slowly becomes frustrating running into so many roadblocks. Even with your warframe’s athletic prowess, the nondescript missions don’t offer enough to put up with the waiting, and there certainly isn’t a strong reason to part with a credit card. – GameTrailers


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Hitman is unquestionably the finest game in the series. It might be one of the best stealth games ever made. – Guardian

With Hitman: The Complete First Season, IO Interactive has successfully managed to take the series back to its roots with style, making it a must-have for stealth fans yet to savour its delights. – GameSpew

The first season offers a classic but at the same time new take on the Hitman experience. It asks for every mission to be replayed and rediscovered, and we’ve enjoyed it thanks to its diversity and possibilities. – Vandal


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The addition of a single-player campaign was a huge positive for this series, especially due to the bizarre twists and turns it takes throughout. In a year filled with outstanding shooters in both the single and multiplayer fronts, Titanfall 2 does just enough to prove it can hang with the others, even if it is re-treading old ground. – Shacknews

One of the best first person shooters of the generation, with significant improvements in depth and longevity – and even a half decent story mode. – Metro GameCentral

The story lacks depth, but the connection between the player and his Titan is worth the journey. The multiplayer, however, is almost worth the price tag on its own. – PSX-Sense.nl


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No Man’s Sky is a bold experiment in game design, and one I’m glad Hello Games took the opportunity to make. I can see some players taking issue with the utter lack of direction, but I personally found it a refreshing divergence from the usual hand-holding present in open world titles. The real beauty and appeal of the experience is in the discovery of the procedurally-generated worlds and the life forms that populate them, and I can’t wait to see what other players find. – We Got This Covered

Its scale and sense of isolation is special. The procedural nature imbues everything in the game with a sense of life that other, better-crafted games can’t match. And it nails the emergent storytelling that I want from a survival game. – GamesBeat

No Man’s Sky is a totally new experience. All Hello Games’ promises are in the final game. The original soundtrack is awesome. It’s a spectacular journey across the universe. – Hobby Consolas

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#6 Failed Games That Deserve A Second Chance