6 Massive Empty Open World Games With Nothing To Do

I freaking love Open-World Video Games. The amount of things you can do in a fully open world game is just amazing. I am surprised by the fact that in some open world games you can go wherever you look and that is one hell of an achievement. What makes a good Open World Game though? Sidequests, World Design, Random Events, Activities etc but what if the developers did everything to make a perfect open world game but it still flopped? The main reason would be the OPEN World itself. If it is not Open then why even bother.

Today we are counting down big open world games that are empty inside (Part 2) Part 1 Here

Watch Dogs


Simply put this game is ok for the 7 hours I got to play it. How it locks up on the load screen and support never answered me back after going on 6 days now. No patch to fix yet either now a week and a half later. On top of that if you have a AMD card then don’t get this game for some reason they teamed up with Nvidia and it runs very well on their cards. However AMD cards are a nightmare which totally sucks. – maniac1982

Ubisoft is the new EA. Screwing players because they don’t care. They found lines on the files saying: This is PC only, who cares…. Plus they artificially made the PC port with worst graphics and slower just to improve PS4 and Xbox One.  – Douglas

As other user critics have said, this game is boring and repetitive,…
Graphics are sub-par, and the game play is… missing, there’s just none.  – Hckngrtfakt

Just Cause 3

just cause

i buy your game day one. Horrible mistake from my side. Technical size is bad yoke (FPS drops, lags, long loadings and more…) Story is bored. Ok we have huge world but gameplay is soo repetitive. Very BAD – robinzvak
Broken game . Long (and I mean looooooong) load times. Horrible frame rate drops . Don’t buy. This could have been as good as 2 but it isn’t. Really expected more from Square Enix. – Matinski
guys… do not buy this you will regret it. it’s not even patchable 🙂 … technically it’s completely outdated feels like a 5 year old game. The game mechanics are rudimentary and boring and it’s full of bugs and very often drops to under 10fps on ps4. forget it. – xtro01

Dragon Age Inquisition


Boring. That’s the word I was looking for. Boring. I have no idea what happened to the creative minds at Bioware, but based on this game I would say they all got canned.  – JackKasket

I thought I would like this in the beginning…but after 10 hours or so, it just fizzled out and got bored. I started to see that the negative reviews here were correct. I would say pass on buying this game. – davidh2014
If you expect a Dragon Age, do not buy this game. If you expect a Skyrim, do not buy this game. If you expect a typical BioWare game, do not buy this game. If you expect a good RPG, do not buy this game. – me-0815



Biggest disappointement ever. It was supposed to be a great game, with a lot of content, lot of things to do, lots of planets to explore… It just look like a f**king demo! Do NOT put 50$ in that, it is not worth it at all. There are only 3 goods points, the gameplay is fine, the graphics are nice and the musics pretty good. – SWERY_51

Destiny is not innovative. This game was already done on last gen with Defiance. That game was better and is now free to play. The poorly supported chat system makes no sense in a game revolving around group missions. Rent and return – Eyedoc
I can describe this whole game in one sentence; “You go down to a small enclosed area on a planet, kill all the enemies, press a button on a computer and then defend it” RINSE AND REPEAT! It doesn’t even matter what Planet you’re on either, they all feel the same but have a different colour tone. – TixyLix

Metal Gear Solid 5


After several-hours playing, I think I have to down-grade the game from 10 to … because I have almost lost motivation to continue on those sprinkled and repetitive missions with our bounty hunter.  – asfj
Kojima decided to go the RE6-Route with this game and threw everything people liked about the series away in order to attract more casuals. The result is pretty much the same here: the absolute down point of the series, congratulations, it can’t get worse than this – Knorf
The last Kojimas Metal gear has too many problems. The plot twist is ridiculously terrible! It really mess with all the fhanchise history. Beside that, Phantom Pain has many repetitive missions over and over again the same style of mission. Come on!!! I am very dissapointed – picacrazy

Mass Effect Andromeda

mass effect andromeda

From the Debbie does Dallas dialog to the Galaxy Quest story line Mass Effect Andromeda doesn’t benefit from the fabricated fantasy space opera its predecessor’s toted bringing only a handful of planets and species to a vast intergalactic expedition . – ThatGuy001

This is not Mass Effect game. This is not what the fans were waiting for, nor “just a good game for newcomers”. Sure, you’ve killed Dragon Age, for two times ina row now, but good god, the latest ME game was already not very good, and then you’re giving us this peace of space junk? Pffsht. Nope. – MityaJ

Your in a WHOLE new galaxy (not planet) but there are only 2 (TWO!!) new races for some reason. I guess they didn’t bother to create more models.  – tectonicx

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#6 Massive Empty Open World Games With Nothing To Do