5 Video Games So Popularly Underrated That Now They Are Overrated

The Term “Underrated” in games can actually be good and bad at same time. Bad because the game was really good but it didn’t get the recognition it should have thus becoming an Underrated game. And it could be good in a way that sometimes an Underrated game is automatically considered to be a gaming gem just because it doesn’t a whole lot media attention and slowly over time the Underrated Gem could become and Overrated Video Game. Today we are counting down games so underrated that they are actually overrated.



Looking for a valid, non-terrible and non-biased predisposed community opinion about this game is as difficult as discerning why I could possibly give this game a zero, because zero means there is no worth. Why are you here reading this, anyway? Are you getting your jollies by seeing the same exact opinions in the 10’s and 0 reviews spammed? How about you just play the demo before thinking about purchasing this game, because if you don’t and you end up hating it, you’re stupid, just like the many others who can’t figure out how to use google and find the game website – Qualitygamer

I didn’t read anything about this game before playing it, merely saw that it was an ugly game with overwhelmingly positive reception. I bought it expecting it to have great writing, characters, plot, or gameplay, and was disappointed when all of those things turned out to be sub-par as well. Reading the reviews after playing the game, I couldn’t believe them.  – vladkornea

I played this game once. I know that’s not all the content, but I don’t think I could stand to again. The characters have no depth, requiring players to seek out other content to supplement the flat, entirely trope based characters. When you do not bring in that knowledge the attachment needed to care about the “decisions” isn’t there. I want games to be fun. This one is work. – FPJ

Nier Automata

nier automata

I really didn’t enjoy this game as much as I had hoped. They make you backtrack through the same boring lifeless areas over and over and over. And there are several segments of the game that are purposefully frustrating because they’re trying to make some weird artistic point. Just watch someone play this on YouTube or read a plot synopsis. The story is good, the rest of the game is garbage. – Virtue777
Masterpiece of game design? Really, did I bang my head and wake up in 1989? This game offers nothing new, ZERO INNOVATION, but yet it is being heralded as a Masterpiece in every aspect and detail it offers gamers in 2017. – Streps
I’m afraid NieR Automata is neither a masterpiece nor is it in any form unique. It’s as generic and forgettable as an action game can be and only slightly better than PGs last masterpiece, the turtles game. Under normal circumstances this kind of game would be available for 10 € as a PSN download, but apparently Squarenix can get away with anything.. – Risotto



In 1-Player mode, is an extremely bored and repetitive game after only a few hours of gaming. Surely, it gains a lot of interesting features if played in coo-op mode. – quadsqwi
Art style is unique and fun. That’s about it. Gameplay is boring. The FOV is too narrow and makes me nauseous. The co-op aspect of the game is broken and bulky. The only way this game is going to survive the test of time is through Hamachi. I don’t feel satisfied with what I got for the amount of money I shelled out. – Dave (User Review)
This is strictly a multiplayer game. The single player is horrible due to character balance issues and plain boredom because it is so repetitive. There are also a number of bugs including dynamic shadows being incorrectly implemented so you have to turn it off. This is a bad port from console to pc, and you can tell they did not put much effort into the pc version. – SteveJ (User Review)



There are many reasons I dislike Earthbound, but the main problems I had was the terrible battle system, mediocre graphics, average music, and the sometimes frustrating difficulty. – PizzaDude371

Sure, it is a creative game – and it is certainly different from the standard RPG setting. Still, there are just some fatal flaws that really keep this one from being a really enjoyable experience … – ZFS

So often in life something comes along that is packed full of genius of some sort, but these things are inevitably flawed. Earthbound is one such unfortunate game. – Demonic Gerbil

Spec Ops: The Line


As far as gameplay, the cover-based shooting is below average. The aiming is imprecise and you often get stuck sticking to cover or flailing about out of cover. The squad commands are nice, but more often than not you have to sit behind cover waiting to heal due to stupid AI and faulty cover. – Brumbek
The main selling point of this game seems to be the story, especially how mature it is. Well…its not. But first a few words about the gameplay: The mechanics are extremely generic and weak, the shooting feels flimsy and gets tedious extremely fast. – puxili
Controls are terrible!!! I’ve never seen so many buttons to do stupid things. Also, some buttons don’t respond when you press them. Programming is shotty as getting the first shot on an enemy does nothing some of the time; absolutely horrible. Achievements or buildups to achievements are just given at random. – bdy0003
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#5 Video Games So Popularly Underrated That Now They Are Overrated