Nintendo On 4K/60fps – ‘If We Do The Same as Others, We Are Doomed To Die’

In 2014 We saw the “Next Generation” of gaming consoles. A whole new war started and now in 2017, we have the results of that war. What is the result you may ask? Well, The result is MORE GAMING CONSOLES. It’s called mid-generation update. Which in my opinion is just an excuse to keep up with the gaming PC and to sell more consoles obviously.


Whereas Nintendo on the other side always tends to do something different. Yes, they do not follow the advanced technology and by no means, they elevate the standards of graphics or anything in regards. BUT What they do is always exciting and innovating. Nintendo always brings something new to the gaming market, whether it is good or bad and most of the times it’s just straight up weird.

xbox one x vs ps4 pro


But that’s what separates Nintendo from other gaming companies and they sure do not elevate in technology but they elevate the experience of gaming altogether which I think is the hardest part.

But why oh why Nintendo does not opt the latest technology already? Here’s what the Nintendo France boss says about 4k/60fps

We are very pragmatic. You look at VR headsets, I have doubts about their ability to seduce the public. And consumers are not patient with entertainment if you are not able to offer them a complete solution. As for 4K, should we invest in a technology that is not widely adopted? Where are the 4K screens today? Should we invest before the consumer has adopted the technology? We can not invest everywhere. And what will be new compared to competitors? If we do the same thing as others, we are doomed to die because we are smaller than them. With the Switch, we have the merit of proposing different uses adapted to the pace of users’ lives. The advantage is to be able to fit into your daily life. The use of video games thus becomes less exceptional.

What do you guys think? Is it just an excuse because the Switch hardware is not powerful enough or is the Nintendo genius marketing? Let us know down below

#Nintendo On 4K/60fps – ‘If We Do The Same as Others, We Are Doomed To Die’