Dark Souls: Remastered – Two Things That Will Make It Great

A Remastered Edition of the original Dark Souls is coming to all consoles and PC this summer (May 25 to be exact). While a re-release in itself is exciting, I think two major things are going to push this release to be (potentially) very great.

The first and most obvious is that it’s now going to be on the Switch. This is exciting news for multiple reasons, not least because now mobile Dark Souls is going to be a real thing, and that’s real awesome. The only issue I see is the long distance between bonfires in the first game may put a damper on mobile gaming on, say, a long-ish bus commute, but it’s still something that’s very cool to think about. The second is that it seems like people are taking the Switch seriously, which is great news for Nintendo fans. After the relative flop of the Wii U and its lackluster library, the huge influx of great Switch titles and ports bodes well for the console’s (and Nintendo’s) future. Hopefully things continue to look up for them and we get even more great games Nintendo consoles have missed out on over the years.


The second exciting thing is the PC port, and this is the part that makes me qualify “potentially”. Dark Souls: Prepare To Die Edition is an infamously buggy and shoddy port, and this is a good chance for it to be severely tuned up. On all versions, but PC especially, this is a good opportunity to include some of the major quality of life improvements the series has enjoyed, particularly with regards to multiplayer. Engaging in jolly cooperation was a breeze in Dark Souls 3 with its password matchmaking system replacing the sign-only system of the original and almost completely necessary use of the Name-Engraved Ring in Dark Souls 2, especially with the terrible Soul Memory mechanic holding things back. Adding that to the first game would be a godsend.


In a more general sense, I’m just excited to be able to play the original without fiddling with mods and struggling with many of the PC port’s bugs (again, assuming they’re fixed). I never completed the first game, having gotten frustrated at Sen’s Fortress and never picked it up again. The opportunity to experience the original with a few of the warts removed is one I don’t plan to miss out on unless they bork the PC port into near unplayability again (I hope not, it would really suck if they made the same mistake twice).


In any case, this is great for anybody who’s a fan of Dark Souls or is looking for a good place to jump on.

The servers will probably be lively again like they were at the original launch, which is something I want to see (I’ve gotten into each game about a year after their original release, unfortunately). Who’s joining me?

#Dark Souls: Remastered – Two Things That Will Make It Great