5 Huge Failed Video Games That Desperately Needs Sequels

It’s sad to see when a developer puts efforts into their game and the end results come as disappointed, failed or a commercial flop. It definitely does bring down the motivation of making games altogether. It’s amazing how some amazing games can fail in different ways and thus we are today to count down some failed games that deserves a sequel.

Quantum Break

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If they dial back the gorgonzola, the product placement and adjust that cover mechanic, this could have been a perfect game…But, for now, you’ve got the best-looking game on Xbox One, jam-packed full of familiar faces and top-notch acting, complemented by strong gameplay mechanics and a popcorn-crunching TV series. – Digital Spy
Quantum Break pushes the third-person genre through a star-studded cast and time-bending gameplay, although it lacks the replay value that many may have hoped for. – Game Rant
Quantum Break emphasizes its narrative, which is sometimes detrimental to its cause. However, despite that fault, what’s presented here is a very intricate, interesting and visually stunning game; not to mention one that is very fun to play when it lets the player use its protagonist’s time-bending super powers. – We Got This Covered

The Order 1886

order 1886

Literally no game has ever looked this good. It’s strange to even write that, but The Order: 1886 raises the bar so far above its contemporaries that it stands in a class by itself. Joined by a soundtrack that perfects the mood, The Order is a cinematic masterpiece. – GamingTrend
You can fault this game for a number of things, as I’ve done here, but you can’t criticize because you haven’t the inclination to appreciate the product for what it is. – PSX Extreme
The Order: 1886 is the best looking console game ever. Behind those excellent visuals there is an old-fashioned but steady third-person shooter to enjoy. The storyline has the right tempo. This game is not perfect, but it’s goal of being a blockbuster works really well. – InsideGamer.nl

Dead Space 3

Dead Space 3 for PC is a good port, with plenty of advanced video options but standard res textures and no DirectX 11 support. That said, the game itself is stunning and the fans will not be disappointed. – Multiplayer.it
In reality, Dead Space 3 could almost be regarded as a stand-alone expansion pack for Dead Space 2. The single player gameplay is largely identical to the previous instalment. But, since I found Dead Space 2 an enjoyable experience, I find no fault with that at all. – Hooked Gamers

Yooka Laylee


Yooka-Laylee is the triumphant return of the true platform games. Playtonic has managed to mix everything good of this genre and turn it into something fresh and wonderful. – Areajugones
Yooka Laylee is a great example of what can be achieved with the 3D platform. It is let down only by its lack of motivating narrative progression, and a tendency to get a little monotonous. – The Digital Fix
Anachronistic both in a good and a bad way, Yooka-Laylee recaptures the charm of the 32-bit era collectathon platformers. It definitely is rough in some places, and the overall design would benefit from a little more polish, but it’s also a love letter to a forgotten genre that sets a solid starting point for Playtonic Games. – Meristation

Killer 7

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Ultimately, Killer7 is both an interesting and creative game. The controversial control method needs some getting used to and may turn off certain gamers, but if you give it a chance, you’ll find yourself intrigued with the game and its amazing story. – Gamer’s Hell
An experience first and a game second. Players going into it with that in mind should enjoy this immensely, those looking for a deep gameplay experience may want to try before they buy. – PALGN
The overall package of the game is excellent and should be considered in any hardcore gamer’s collection. – Kombo
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#5 Huge Failed Video Games That Desperately Needs Sequels