Daily Archive: January 10, 2018

Star Wars Battlefront 2 – Interceptor Insanity


I said earlier that in Starfighter Assault, it’s often damage and tankiness that trumps agility, but I don’t think I was looking at the whole picture.  It now seems that, on stages such… Continue reading

7 Massive Games With Huge Steep Learning Curve


Many people think that now gaming has gotten a lot easy compare to old times. It’s true in many ways but I personally disagree with this thing. Sure, Game tutorials are making the… Continue reading

The Brain Of A NPC In Grand Theft Auto 5


From being horrible drivers to opening fire to the moment they hit into you to causing all-round panick.. The NPC in GTA and video games are there for the sole purpose of making… Continue reading

4 Most Underrated AAA Video Games Of 2017


AAA and Underrated does not go well together. AAA games are known as “AAA” games because they are huge and massively advertised. They have a budget of millions and on release they sell… Continue reading

This Mobile Phone Turns Into A Razer Laptop


What if your smartphone could become a computer? It’s a question Motorola, Microsoft, HP, Samsung, and Huawei have all tried to answer – and now Razer’s getting in on the fun. From CES… Continue reading