5 Video Game Ruined By Worst Game Breaking Glitches

Glitches!! We love glitches that make games more hilarious and fun to play with. But we hate glitches that destroy games and kills the overall experience. It’s hard to debug the game and it is a really major process in game development. Some publishers force developers to quickly finish the game which results in game breaking glitches. Today we are counting down games destroyed by glitches.

 A delayed game is eventually good, but a rushed game is forever bad. – Shigeru Miyamoto

Ride to Hell – Retribution


You can try out Ride to Hell for some masochistic fun. Low-budget games are built by throwing some concepts together without much thought – Ride to Hell is exactly that, but much more expensive. Interesting story, cool characters, freedom, original missions, great fighting system, exciting chases and heavy guitar riffs – none of that is here. Ride to Hell: Retribution is damaged in such a way, that you start thinking: what were the developers drinking/smoking? – GRYOnline.pl
This game is a shame for all bikers in the world. The plot is dumb, the graphics and sounds are poor, the gameplay is stupid. It’s just a wild mixture of shooting-sequences, beat-em-up and boring bike-driving that is just a simple test of your reflexes. There’s no cool atmosphere, no exciting storytelling, it’s just a complete waste of money and time. – PC Games

Assassins Creed Unity

assasins creed unity

You can’t have a stealth-focused game have a multiplayer focus, it just doesn’t work. As demonstrated by Assassin’s Creed Unity, the game just feels like it slogs through mission after mission with a lack of cohesion. And does it surprise anyone at this point that the game doesn’t look anything like it did at E3? Man, what happened to you Ubisoft? – Jcander
When did Assassin’s Creed become so dull, and SO BROKEN? Seriously, it’s like companies don’t even play test their games any more… Ubi is becoming the new EA which is just so sad, releasing unfinished crap and justifying stupid things like parity/sexism etc. This game is probably improved by some of the stupid bugs, which just shows what a poor effort it is. It does have some nice visuals though – traffmeister

Sonic The Hedgehog


Sonic the Hedgehog may share its name with the Genesis original, but this game is even more broken than most of the other recent Sonic games have been. – GameSpot
SEGA’s decision to rush one of its most beloved franchises to the next-gen market has ended in a broken product that does not even deserve a rental. – Gaming Age
Despite some solid visuals, the game is awful, broken, and unfinished. – Sam
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Goat Simulator unnamed.jpg

A throw away title at best, if you are hard pressed to waste $10, then donate it to a charity, burn it if you have to, but using it for anything but this is better. – kuehnau

This is a 10-minute laugh, if that – the kind of thing that’s here today, gone tomorrow, but for a brief moment in history is the talk of Shoreditch and Twitter. It’s the gaming equivalent of a novelty single and even the developers, to give credit where it’s due, recommend you don’t buy it. Listen to them – ConorHat
This is not a game, this is a joke and it shows that stupid people numbers are really high because how this game sells. – MrBla

Big Rigs: Over The Road Racing


So astoundingly bad that it manages to transcend nearly every boundary put forth by some of gaming’s absolute worst of the worst and easily makes it into that dubiously extraordinary category of being one of the most atrocious games ever published. – GameSpot
If you hate someone, and I mean HATE someone, give them this game as a gift, in the hopes that they’ll play it, because that way you can say to them, “haha, you’re an idiot who plays Big Rigs!” I wish I could think of some redeeming factors for the game, but there simply aren’t any. – Thunderbolt
This is hands-down, the worst videogame to ever see the light of day. Really. – G4 TV

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#5 Video Game Ruined By Worst Game Breaking Glitches