Video Games Fandom Toxicity

Or “It’s just a game, why you haf to be mad?”.

Let me ask a question: What do you gain from being angry while playing a game? This is a serious question. Does it increase your enjoyment of a game? Somehow I doubt it.

Likewise, what does expressing that anger and vitriol get you, particularly to your in-game allies? Do you think it increases their enjoyment? Will screaming at them make them play better? Is it conducive to growing the community of a game? No, none of the above are true either.

So why do so many gamers and so many communities foster this kind of toxicity, this omnipresent vitriol that infects primarily competitive games. Look, I get it, losing sucks. And it sucks even worse when the loss feels like it wasn’t your fault, the result of the mistakes of others. But getting mad isn’t going to help you. It’s not going to make you or your allies better at the game, and is actively going to make you and them worse, just feeding your anger more.

The same questions apply outside of game. If somebody doesn’t like what you like, or likes something you don’t like, or likes what you like for different reasons…why get angry and shouty? What purpose does it serve? Why do you feel it hurts you if somebody does not share your opinion? A difference of opinion is not a attack against your character. Your own self image should not be so tied up in a product that an attack on it feels personal.

Maybe next time, instead of getting pissed because somebody missed a key shot, went out of position, or expressed a different opinion than you, apply a little restraint. Think for a moment why the other person might think the way they do or did what they did. Maybe they’re new. Maybe they just suck. Consider giving them advice, politely worded. Explain what they did wrong and how to fix it instead of immediately jumping to expletives and put downs. Think about what you were like when you started the game. Were you an instant master? Doubtful. Would you have appreciated it if everyone else piled on you every time you made a misstep, in ANY part of your life? Also doubtful.

This also applies to getting salty over cheap/easy kills against you. Pic unrelated.

Mind you it’s not just for the other person’s good (though being considerate of others’ feelings is also great). Having that kind of anger constantly just isn’t good for you. You have enough stress in your daily life I’m sure, why pile more on yourself in your leisure time? Just relax. Go with the flow. If you die, you die. If you lose, you lose. I’m not saying “winning doesn’t matter”, it feels good to win, it’s great. But somebody’s got to lose, and sometimes that’s going to be you. Accept it. Move on. Have fun with your games.


#Video Games Fandom Toxicity