Disappointing Video Game Sequels That Should Have Never Been Made

2 Days ago we posted an article which showed Iconic games that never got a sequel. Like everything else, if it’s successful then you gotta make another somehow. There are some publishers that destroyed the whole series in greed of making more money out of that whole plotlines and characters. Today we are counting down those games that should have never made into sequels.

Deus Ex: Invisible War


Forget the lobotomised combat, level design and character customization system. I could deal with these things, like the poor AI and graphics of the original. However, simultaneous to consolisation technically, the characters are all one-dimensional and unconvincing and the narrative is alltogether forgettable. – A.R. ( User)

A game that led many to have high expectations, but with massive graphic reductions earlier in the year, with questionable design decisions it is hard for a fan of the original to enjoy anything in the game. Worth considering if you like slower paced action shooters, worth avoiding like the plague if you were expecting a worthy sequel to the original. – SammyJ (User)
Every bit as awful as you’ve heard, and a complete travesty on an absolutely brilliant original game. The good news is at least this seems to have spelled the end of Harvey Smith’s b urgeoning game-destroying, I mean game-designing career. – SeanW (User)

Prince Of Persia: Warrior Within


This is an awful game. I wanted to kill the developers and myself after playing it for 10 minutes. Imagine Sands of Time only with everything good about the game stripped out and replaced with incredibly bad controls, camera, enemies, ambience, sounds and music, cutscenes, characters, dialogue, story. This gets a pity vote of 2 simply because it is the sequel to sands of time – WhataGame (User Score)

Game is extremely buggy, could be due to it being a bad port. But even when it works, it fails to resemble the Sands of Time which is a much much better game in every aspect. – bosnian
Bought this game today. Pros: + nice graphics, Cons: – frustrating gameplay – prepare yourself for constant reloads. I mean it – every 20 seconds or so, right from the beginning. Verdict: Forget it, spend your time on something FUN, not frustrating. – Vic (User Score)

Devil May Cry 2


Many of the changes to the gameplay are marginal at best, and many of them can be completely ignored for more conventional methods of slashing and shooting, and while it is fun to try to pull off ultimate action-movie sequences, this thrill only lasts so long. – GamingWorld X
It’s a disappointing title that’s shallow where the first was deep, plain where the first was decorative and imaginative, and simple where the other was complex. – IGN
A pretty game with a bad camera and no attempt at coming close to the fun of the first game makes this an extremely bad purchasing decision. – GamingTrend

Duke Nukem Forever


I so wanted to like this game. We need new, innovative and daring FPSs – in short we need Duke. So what went wrong? Well this game feels like the rag bag of development that it is. Some levels are ok, not great, but ok. Most levels are terrible. The graphics are very dated – but it isn’t just the graphics, the whole feel of the game.is clunky. The level design is boring and extremely linear. – RedDog

Revised review. Even the fact that it’s Duke can’t save this game. This piece of history has been rendered worthless. But still, it’s a piece of history. That’s worth one point. – duffeknol

Resident Evil 5

resident evil 5

Resident Evil 5 is the WORST survival horror game imaginable. If you want a limited ammo, bullet sponge boss, ASS BACKWARDS AI partner Army of Two parody, then this is your man. if you want a game like maybe RE4 or RE Revelations 1/2, keep looking, what you want isn’t here. – RE5isTHEworst
I recommend playing RE4 instead which has been remastered for current generation consoles instead of RE5. Overall, RE5 is a below average game that suffers in many gameplay technical areas that hold it back from an average game. – Odogreviews
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