Daily Archive: January 8, 2018

Worst Game Mechanics That Makes Players Quit


Be it mandatory escort quests or quick time events, there are tons of things that games force us to endure in order to get to the good stuff. Some of these mechanics are… Continue reading

This Is The Most Played Game On Nintendo Switch


Nintendo Switch is a huge success and we already know that since the day 1. With great games and innovative hardware, the switch was destined to be a success.   Nintendo revealed out… Continue reading

Fortnite Battle Royale – Many Small Victories, A Few Great Losses


I’ve already posted a video on my feelings for the base Fortnite game.  In a nutshell, it’s pretty darn good, lots of interesting customization and specialization in it.  The Battle Royale game though,… Continue reading

Disappointing Video Game Sequels That Should Have Never Been Made


2 Days ago we posted an article which showed Iconic games that never got a sequel. Like everything else, if it’s successful then you gotta make another somehow. There are some publishers that… Continue reading

Video Games Fandom Toxicity


Or “It’s just a game, why you haf to be mad?”. Let me ask a question: What do you gain from being angry while playing a game? This is a serious question. Does… Continue reading