Most Hated Video Games Of 2017 That Were Loved By Critics

We listed down pretty much everything for 2017 but we haven’t listed down some of the most hated games that got released in 2017. How bad can they be? Why they were panned by the audience but loved by critics? Why Publishers made a shit ton of money out of some really garbage games? Frankly, I don’t know the answer. But I do know the games that got this kind of reception. We are counting down the Most Hated Games of 2017 that was panned by fans but loved by critics.

Star Wars Battlefront 2

star wars battlefront 2

Critics Score – 68, Fans Score – 0.9

DICE did a pretty good job with the game in overall.

But what EA does continuously, it’s unforgivable! Don’t buy their games!
My rating goes for EA. Maybe 1/10 is way too generous towards them. – AdamP

I honestly can’t believe how bad the practices within this industry have gotten. I want to remind everyone that the best way to combat scum like EA is to vote with your wallets. DO NOT BUY THIS GAME. – Maityoman
9 hours per Star Card,approximately £2,300 or 6 months of near continuous playing to get all of the content you already paid for.  – Monkey_Mac

Shadow Of War


Critics Score – 80, Fans Score – 3.6

Microtransactions in an $60 single player game is like buying a nice car and then after driving it for 1 year, a message pops up on the dashboard saying you can only drive a maximum of 40 mph unless you purchase more “credits”. – RoosterJuice

Not far into the game and have ran into a few bugs the controls feel sloppy the UI is a mess and one cheap death when the game froze on me but we all know the loot box controversy and just feels bad the game has a bad cloud over it and it being mediocre doesn’t help. – pixelpassion
Hmm lets see
-Encouraging kids to gambling
-Micro-transactions in an already AAA priced game
-Recycling same content from the first game
Buying this game should be illegal. – zerathsilver

Mass Effect Andromeda

mass effect andromeda

Critics Score – 71, Fans Score – 4.8

This is not Mass Effect game. This is not what the fans were waiting for, nor “just a good game for newcomers”. Sure, you’ve killed Dragon Age, for two times ina row now, but good god, the latest ME game was already not very good, and then you’re giving us this peace of space junk? Pffsht. Nope.  – MityaJ

This game deserves a low rating, and not only because it has a lot of technical problems, not because it has the worst animations, but because it is the worst Mass Effect game ever made. With all long-running series of games one would expect every new one to be better, or at least stay at the same level as the original, but in this case, it is a downgrade from everything even the first game established. – NeoTheFox

For Honor

for honor 10

Critics Score – 78, Fans Score – 6.1

cash grab! nothing else, stripped of content, pumped up with STEEL…holy christ…why do people keep supporting this kind of non-sense…? they sell you a quarter of a game here for 70 EUR…for sure i will not buy this one… – Wardrobechaos
There is no excuse for triple A titles and major gaming companies to be cutting corners and forcing users to host online matches. Speak with your wallet, do not buy this game until Ubisoft decides to grown up by setting up / funding it’s own severs or cut the price of their “premium” game by 70%. – T3DDY

Destiny 2

destiny 2

Critics Score – 83, Fans Score – 3.6

They took away nearly everything that made Destiny 1 great. The end game is non existent and will take months if not years to fix. Highly disappointed with this sequel, and never plan to buy another Bungo product again. Do yourself a favor and DO NOT BUY THIS GAME! – PaulCharles
Micro-transactions are the cancer of video gaming. This game is made for the sole purpose of robbing you of your hard earned cache. – ardast
Destiny is as a series comparable to an empty present box. Its all decorated outside, sparkly and even has a ribbon. The box however, is empty. You’ll spend more time opening the box than enjoying whats inside, because there is nothing in the box. Its empty. – Finnougric
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#Most Hated Video Games Of 2017 That Were Loved By Critics