Hearthstone: Kobolds and Catacombs Is a Near Perfect Update

I mentioned in my favorite holiday events article that Kobolds and Catacombs was one of them, and the more I play it the more that opinion solidifies. I started mulling over why that it occurred to me that this is near perfect for everyone involved. Sure, the Dungeon Run is extremely luck based, but that’s a fairly minor gripe for a card game. Other than that, I love the way it gives something to long time fans (new cards to play with) and new players or casual ones like me, whose card collection is fairly limited and find it hard to compete in quick matches where nearly everyone is running some sort of theme deck they pulled off of some deck building website and shelled out enough cash for.

I’ve always liked the underlying mechanics of Hearthstone, but was never able to truly put much time into it. Or, more accurately, wasn’t willing to put much time because I refused to spend money on it and the insane grind (you need to win 30 matches to buy a single card pack, not counting quests) turned me off. This expansion though neatly fixes that by giving an extensive single player mode that gives me an even playing field with everyone else playing the game: All cards are received as rewards for winning and are unique per run. I like this, as I liked the Arena mode in the base game, but here I don’t need to shell out 150 gold – 45 matches – just to make a single run.

There’s a lot of nice art and voice lines too.

The sometimes crushing difficulty feels fair, unlike the previous expansion (Frozen Throne), which made you use your own deck. While I understand it was good, challenging content for long time players (and I don’t begrudge that), it required an extensive suite of cards and constant deck rebuilding to take on the brutal bosses. I was only able to beat two before the third one’s schtick made it too much of a slog for me to continue.

Here, my deck composition is left largely to the heart of the cards to decide, and I can’t rebuild between matches, so should make the best use of what I have. It’s a unique challenge and one that is surprisingly addicting. The treasures that show up have me thinking of new builds and decks quite a bit, hoping for certain ones like Battle Totem to appear so I can do some really goofy stuff.

Although the lack of snarky Lich King is a hit to K&C.

I will commend the devs on their timing for this update as well. I’m sure they knew that many, like myself, would be traveling and visiting family for the holidays, far away from my usual gaming rig. This made mobile gaming king for a good while, and this new Hearthstone expansion rocketed it up to my main app for the season.

I’ll be honest, I don’t have much of a point here except to say the expansion is good. I’ve gotten a lot of mileage out of it, and it was a great step for the game. I hope they add more similar content in the future. With enough single player support to kickstart new players’ decks with rewards, I think the game’s audience could skyrocket, and I’d say more power Blizzard if they capitalize on this opportunity.

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#Hearthstone: Kobolds and Catacombs Is a Near Perfect Update