6 Iconic Successful Video Games That Never Got A Sequel

We know how it goes with video games. One massive hit and then it will spawn an entire franchise. This thing that can either make or break games and in most cases if not done properly it is gonna break. There are very few game developers that had massive hits but never got back into those games. Today we are counting down those games that were a massive hit (Critical reception I mean by “Massive Hit” not commercial success) at their time but we never got to see the second part.

Remakes and remastered are not sequels so they don’t count. 

Grim Fandango

grim fandango

The large cast of characters is unforgettable. Although for the most part they are skeletons in 40s garb, with mask-like faces that can be attributed to Day of the Dead festivities, their personalities render them as distinct and memorable as members of an extremely diverse cast from any fine film. – Computer Games Magazine
Everything in the game reeks of excellence. The characters are good, the story is intriguing and the Land of the Dead is a wonderful place. – Yahoo!
Quite possibly one of the top five adventures of all time, and certainly in the Top Ten. The style, atmosphere, wit, creativity and inventiveness are what makes Grim Fandango remarkable. – Just Adventure

Shadow Of The Colossus


These battles are INSPIRED. Seriously. Take your favorite boss fight from each of your favorite games, and imagine them mashed together into one incredibly breathtaking environment that requires you to think, explore, and ultimately act. – Gaming Age
This game is a true masterpiece, comparable to only a handful of incredible games…The gamer who has the patience and courage to plunge into the game will, without a doubt, find a truly wonderful experience, of such impact that it will live in his or her memory forever. – Just RPG
Original, gripping, and outstandingly produced, Shadow of the Colossus is not to be missed. – Yahoo!

Vagrant Story


Just about perfect for what it is: an old-fashioned, action RPG with loads of gameplay, a strong narrative and unparalleled presentation. – GameCritics
From the second you put this game in; you will not want to stop playing. It might consume your life until you finish it, or until you get stuck that you can’t deal with the stress anymore. – Gaming Maxx
After all, it’s still just the gunblade attack wearing a new dress. But what a pretty dress it is – curvy customizations, tight chain attacks, and sparkly exploration. Despite its somewhat limited action elements, VS presents a unique RPG with terrific storytelling. – Game Revolution

Eternal Darkness: Sanity’s Requiem

eternal darkness

Brilliant, stunning, the best thing on the GameCube since I dropped my soiled undies on it two months ago before I went to bed…It blows “Resident Evil” out of the water. – Nintendojo
You should buy this game because it’s frightening in a way that few games ever have been, and because it’s a vividly explored, engrossing narrative the likes of which few out-and-out storytellers like “Final Fantasy” can compete with. – Eurogamer
I literally got the bejeebers scared out of me when I played it during the midnight hour. Any game that gets under my skin like this one gets my seal of approval. – Gamezilla!



An already beautiful experience is made even more gorgeous on the PlayStation 4 — Journey is a trip worth taking. It’s a bite sized adventure that you won’t soon forget. – Attack of the Fanboy
After three years, Journey is still the most emotional and powerful video game of the PlayStation era. Just buy it, and enjoy a better life. – Eurogamer Italy
Short but intense and especially memorable. You can not say that Journey exploit the technical capabilities of PS4, but even with those, we continue to one of those experiences that every gamer should experience once in a lifetime. – IGN Spain



There isn’t really anything that I can say that I personally dislike about the game. The length, difficulty, and corny story will turn a lot of people off, but the incredible gameplay and thrill of climbing the leaderboards is more than enough to keep this gamer engaged. – Extreme Gamer
Vanquish is no greater literature, but that’s ok. It’s pure pulp, and combined with all the basic shooter-elements that are woven in professionally, and the absurd mix of explosive gameplay and cheesy one-liners, this is one strange but satisfying package. A fantastic game for the fanatic gamer and one of the biggest surprises of the year. – Gamer.nl
If you are looking to be enthralled by a new world full of intricacies to discover, Vanquish is not the fully formed video game you are looking for. If you are looking for a challenge with a fun and fast paced battle experience, Vanquish is definitely suited to your taste. – Gaming Nexus
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#6 Iconic Successful Video Games That Never Got A Sequel