9 Best Video Games Sequels Of 2017

SEQUELS! Who doesn’t love em? We the players love sequels. Publishers love sequels so that they can milk more money out of them. Developers love getting back into their game again and all in all, everybody loves Sequels. 2017 seems to be the year of amazing game sequels from old legends to newcomers we got all covered. As we are listing down our best Video Game Sequels Of 2017

Wolfenstein 2: New Colossus


It’s a game about killing Nazis, and reveling in that violence. It’s part righteous fury, part joy in the face of madness, and part dope-ass first-person shooter. To put it simply, Wolfenstein II: The New Colossus is a lot. –  Cheat Code Central
The New Colossus is a perfectly crafted FPS experience. It can stop your breath, slap your face, make you laugh and inject adrenaline. All of these within a single hour of gameplay. It’s a game built on emotions. – Eurogamer Italy
Wolfenstein II: The New Colossus follows up on its predecessor with a bang. With a dynamic protagonist and amazing characters, this is an entry in the foundation of what modern shooters, if not narrative games in general, can be. The mechanics are as stellar as the guns are loud, and it’ll leave the player itching for more even when it’s over. – Gaming Nexus

Legend Of Zelda: Breath Of The Wild

legend of zelda Breath OF tHE wiLD

Where it takes mechanics from others in the industry, it improves upon them; where it introduces new ones, you slap your forehead in amazement that it hasn’t been done before. Breath of the Wild is development done right, and damn near the best game you’ll play all year. – GameGrin
I guess, in the end, it’s not just that Breath of the Wild signals that Zelda has finally evolved and moved beyond the structure it’s leaned on for so long. It’s that the evolution in question has required Nintendo to finally treat its audience like intelligent people. That newfound respect has led to something big, and different, and exciting. But in an open world full of big changes, Breath of the Wild also almost always feels like a Zelda game — and establishes itself as the first current, vital-feeling Zelda in almost 20 years. – Polygon

Nier Automata

nier automata

Nier: Automata is an absolute masterclass in game design. It surpasses expectations time and time again resulting in an experience not to be missed by fans of action titles. – GameGrin
NieR: Automata is everything I could have wanted from a sequel to NieR, to the point that I almost feel spoiled here. It keeps the same off-the-wall plot and well-written characters from the original while discarding the clunky combat and movement for a system that has the sheen of any one of Platinum’s greatest titles. It really is the best of both worlds. If you’ve been a fan of NieR since day one, but have been burnt by its clumsiness before, you’re in for a fantastic treat. And if you’re new to the craziness that is a Yoko Taro game, know that this is the absolute best time to jump in. – RPG Fan
Platinum Games, with the help of Square Enix, has tapped into its innate ability to captivate us with combat while keeping the rest of the journey engaging. – Destructoid

Persona 5


Girls and boys, Persona 5 is simply the new king of Japanese role playing games, and it may even be 2016’s game of the year. The story is so deep, the battle system is so well-executed, the art direction is so amazing and the music is so groovy! I instantly felt in love with this game and I am pretty sure you will too. – Gameblog.fr
Persona 5 is full of style and confidence. Persona 5 knows that it’s special, and you’ll soon know it, too. – GamesBeat
If the opening hours of Persona 5 are like starting a massive novel, then the closing hours are like finishing one, complete with the bittersweet finality of turning the last page. But it also carries an immense sense of satisfaction. After 100 hours of playing, all of my big questions were answered. I understood the characters, I knew my way around the world, and I had fun almost every step of the journey. You become a resident of Persona 5 the more you play it, and it has the rare ability to transport in a way few games can. – Game Informer

Yakuza 0

yakuza 0

Yakuza 0 shows how unique Yakuza actually is. Drama and humor come together in a setting filled with violent street fights. We all know the concept, but Yakuza 0 takes it to perfection. – InsideGamer.nl
Yakuza 0 is a specific game that demands turning a blind eye on some elements, like mediocre graphics, technical shortcomings, long cutscenes and slow story. If we can accept these issues, Yakuza offers a rich world and hours upon hours of gameplay. Seems like the best moment to check out this Japanese fenomen. – Eurogamer Poland
SEGA tops itself with Yakuza 0, a highlight of an already beloved franchise that manages to succeed in every single way.  – PSX-Sense.nl

Super Mario Odyssey

super mario odyssey
It’s extraordinary, really, that after all this time a new Mario game can feel as fresh as any that preceded it. Cappy is a revelation, exploring Kingdoms is bliss, and Super Mario Odyssey is a masterpiece. – VideoGamer
Mario easily jumps high above all expectations. Even if you think that Super Mario Odyssey is not for you, you’ll be shouting out “YAHOO!” like a kid once Cappy is done with you. – IGN Japan
With the exception of some very occasional control frustrations, Super Mario Odyssey is a visual, auditory, and structural treat to play from start to finish for anyone at any skill level, and seems to delight in the player’s enjoyment. You will be hard-pressed to stop yourself from visiting the Odyssey over and over again. – App Trigger



Prey means deep space and deep gameplay. A huge space station hides thousands of game mechanics and dynamics ready to be explored by the solitary player. Its warfare is not infinite nor predestined, but makes up part of a bigger picture, a bigger game, where gameplay means much more than gunplay. – IGN Italia
Prey is a highly sophisticated game with respect to its gameplay, level design and narrative. Although its graphical and artificial intelligence problems are easy to notice, we’ve had a great sci-fi experience. – Atomic
Prey’s curious alternate-history universe, intriguing sidequests, hidden threats, and detailed environmental storytelling make Talos I a joy to explore. – IGN

Resident Evil 7

resident evil 7

I really don’t have any gripes with Resident Evil 7. The story hooked me, it’s beautiful to look at, and the gameplay is new and refreshing with sprinkles of homage to franchise signatures… whats not to like? – Gaming Age
Resident Evil 7 changes direction from previous games. It goes back to its survival horror foundations: puzzle solving, exploration and avoiding enemies instead of confronting them. It feels great even for newcomers. And it is also the best game anyone can try on PSVR. – Hobby Consolas
Resident Evil 7 stands at the forefront of immersive first person horror, proving itself to be far more than the P.T knock-off that the demo initially suggested. – Impulsegamer

Assassins Creed Origins


Assassin’s Creed Origins is a triumph, taking the series back to the beginning and allowing players to partake in the genesis of the war between the Templars and the Brotherhood of Assassins. – We Got This Covered
Origins is a great game that relies heavily on its setting to make an impact on the player. Its gameplay also evolves, and although it still has some of the issues the series have been suffering in the last few entries, it’s definitely a step in the right direction. If you’ve ever been interested in the series, don’t miss this one. – Vandal
Assassin’s Creed Origins has vastly improved combat and an astoundingly beautiful world to explore, but it felt a little afraid of going all in with its new direction. – VideoGamer
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#9 Best Video Games Sequels Of 2017