My Favorite Gaming Holiday Events in 2017

Every year and every holiday I look forward to holiday events – mostly at Halloween and Christmas – for my favorite games. There’s something magical about everyone getting in on the holiday spirit, the devs getting to have a little fun and spread joy to their players a few times a year. To me, holiday updates are one of the biggest upsides to playing any game with an active community and attentive dev team, even if they do recycle the same ones every year. Here are the ones I had the most fun with, in no particular order.


Mei’s Snowball Offensive: Overwatch

Yes, this year’s cool new flavor was the Yeti Hunt game mode, but that one left me cold. It didn’t feel particularly well thought out, and wasn’t super fun for me to play as either Super Winston or a member of the Mei Brigade (though the intro was cute). No, it was the returning classic that I’ve spent the most time with, being a fun, innocent remix of Halo‘s Swat game mode (which I’ve long been a fan of) that should have a variant available all year round in my opinion. Spamming “A-MEI-Zing!”, threat of ban be damned, after every satisfying thunk to the enemy Mei’s face is a joy, and it almost made me regret I live somewhere that doesn’t get snow (almost…then I remembered how much I hated snow when I lived where it did).

Ghouls and Goblins: Depth

Depth is a criminally underrated and under-played game (there’s less than 1000 people playing at any given time), but the devs always have something up their sleeves or a new update in the works, and this year’s Halloween was no exception. The addition of the spooky (but sadly underpowered) Goblin shark was nice, but the real piece de resistance was, of course, the return of Spooky Steve (pictured above) and his cache of choice confections. While the uninitiated might see this as a simple reskin, this change sthe entire game. Namely, it makes your whole crew seem suicidally insane, risking their lives for delicious Snackers bars and packs of Twuzzlers instead of gold ingots and coins. And that’s fun.

The Rivals Update: Armello

All right, you got me. This one’s not a holiday THEMED update. But it came out five days before Christmas and I didn’t play it until Christmas Eve, so it counts. Armello is another underrated, under-played game, this time a board game. It’s a fantasy board game where you play as furries trying to usurp the king of all the furries because he’s gone mad and is trying to kill everyone, with a surprising variety of ways to win, ways to backstab the competition, and alliances to form and discard rapidly over the course of the game. The update in this case added four new playable characters, all of them very interesting and unique, and I had a blast trying them all out with a group of friends this Christmas.

Guild Wars 2: Wintersday

I made a good choice starting the play of this game when I did. Full of a plethora of fun world events to partake in and tongue-in-cheek gifts to give, this event has been a good intro to the lighthearted side of this MMO (one much needed in any MMO, IMO). Besides those, anything that lets me throw snowballs at little kids and my friends so hard they do backflips and slam into the ground without getting arrested is great in my book.

Those are my top picks for this year, how about you guys? Any fun events you’d recommend before they evaporate this year?

#My Favorite Gaming Holiday Events in 2017