Massively Hyped Disappointing Video Games Of 2017

We’ve previously documented how 2017 was an excellent year for games.  And we don’t rescind that comment.  But as an addendum, we want to mention that 2017 hasn’t been all fun and games.  A few disappointments here and there, a few head-scratchers, and a good number of broken promises were made this year.  Some of these disappointments almost did a good job to tear various gaming communities apart and provoke gamer riots against game creators.  But this isn’t anything new for us gamers.  We’ve had many years like this, in fact.  But it’s worth mentioning the details so we know what to look for in the future.  With that, here’s our list of disappointing games from 2017.

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#Massively Hyped Disappointing Video Games Of 2017