6 Most Refined Remake/Remastered Video Games Of 2017

We are living in the age of Remastered’s where big corporations make money huge out of people’s nostalgia and childhood memories that they had with their favorite games. We all know how dirty Remaster business can be as some publisher just make few tweaks to make it shinier and then sell it at full price which is bullcrap. But there are some publisher/developers out there that really did an amazing job on making a remake/remaster of their old glorious game. Today we are counting down 6 of the best Remaster/Remake of 2017

LA Noire


Noire remains a different experience: different in rhythms, in shades, in emotions in dance. Unique, and wonderfully imperfect. – Everyeye.it
L.A. Noire is a nice remaster for one of the most notable games of its generation, as well as one of the most misunderstood Rockstar products. Another jewel in a jewelry full of treasures that look alike. If you haven’t played Team Bondi’s original game, now is the time. – LaPS4
L.A. Noire still delivers a solid, compelling experience, improving the original graphics in many ways. – Multiplayer.it

Crash Bandicoot N.Sane Trilogy


If you’ve had the hankering for platformers as of late, like I have, this set is an absolute no brainer. For $39.99 you get three of the best platformers ever made, and they’re completely remade for the current gen… you can’t get a much better value than that. – Gaming Age
Vicarious Visions have fulfilled their promise and have brought back our favorite orange bandicut in a graphic quality far superior to the original, totally maintaining the classic essence and adding improvements that are to be appreciated, such as being able to control Coco in any of the three games. – Meristation
An excellent and accurate remaster that lacks only of a couple of fixes in the gameplay mechanics to truly shine. – IGN Italia

StarCraft Remastered


StarCraft: Remastered conforms to the minimal changes, introduces better graphics and online improves, but it’s enough to recover successfully one of the best RTS of the all times 19 years after its launch. – 3DJuegos
For many people out there, StarCraft represents one of the greatest PC games of all time. StarCraft: Remastered does little to dissuade that line of thought. With the new and impressive visuals and great new lighting effects, it’s an experience that is not only well worth revisiting. It’s recommended. – AusGamers
Starcraft Remastered reminds to us why the original RTS was the king. – SpazioGames

Okami HD


Despite my irritations with the combat system, Ōkami remains very playable throughout, and given the beauty and power of the rest of the game, I wouldn’t let a trifle like a slightly cumbersome and chaotic combat system get me down over the whole game. This is a real, bona fide masterpiece and is, if anything, getting better with age. Ōkami is not a “Zelda-like”, and deserves far more respect to be compared to a series that, arguably, it’s superior to. – Digitally Downloaded
Okami HD was great on the PS3, but is even better on the PS4. This may finally be the definitive version of the game. – PlayStation LifeStyle
Okami HD is truly a masterpiece. As a person who played the game for the first time, makes me regret that I haven’t played it in 2006. – Merlin’in Kazanı (Turkey)

Metroid Samus Returns


Metroid: Samus Returns is an easy recommendation and you can’t go wrong with this in your 3DS library. The team put a lot of work into polishing this remake and it shows. I can’t even tell who gets the better deal here between fans of the original or newcomers like me. All I can say is that this game makes me realize how much I miss a true Metroidvania game made by masters of the craft. If this is how Nintendo wants to pay homage to classic games, I say let’s go for more – Gaming Age
Samus returns with an adventure that it’s an example of how all remakes should be, respecting the original game, honoring the classics and adding a pinch from the latest games. Samus Returns is not only a great Metroid game: is also one of the best titles for the Nintendo 3DS. – Hobby Consolas
Offering a fresh take on Super Metroid while updating the franchise for modern audiences and supplanting the sluggish (but narratively important) Metroid II, this return to form is everything a 2D Metroid game should be. Not every modernising addition to the classic formula is as well-polished as it could be, but this is still one of the best entries the series has to offer. – The Sydney Morning Herald

Mario Kart 8 Deluxe

Mario Kart 8 deluxe

Much of this will seem like a given to Switch owners, but it’s still completely relevant in terms of what validates picking up this version of Mario Kart 8. It’s not only the “complete” and current experience, but one transformed by its hardware. Mario Kart 8 Deluxe is the definitive version as we’re likely to know it from now on, and thanks to the nature of the Switch, it’s worth every penny. – Gaming Age
The definitive version of one of the greatest multiplayer games ever, with a vast array of courses, characters, and the best Battle mode since the SNES days. – Metro GameCentral
It seems that Nintendo Switch was made for a game like Mario Kart 8 Deluxe. Racing is fun and multiplayer (8 local/12 online) is unbeatable. Nevertheless, the only improvements from the Wii U game are six new characters, new items and some battle modes, and that is not enough. – Hobby Consolas
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#6 Most Refined Remake/Remastered Video Games Of 2017