7 Most Addictive Video Games Of 2017

Addictive is a strong word. We have to use it wisely no matter where we use it. For me, Cyberpunk is an addiction and whether it is a game or movie if it has Cyberpunk elements then you know I am not missing it. Let’s not talk about Cyberpunk right now though. Like I said “Addictive” is a strong word and we have to use it wisely and I think 2017 included some of the most addicting games ever released. This is our official list of most Addictive games of 2017


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This is the best game in the Assassin’s Creed series. That extra year of development time has really helped Ubisoft find its creative centre again, and craft something that feels both fresh and energised. I could take or leave the shifts in gameplay to make this more like the loot-grind RPG-likes that dominate blockbuster game development now, but when Ubisoft is playing so beautifully within a fascinating period of history, all I care about is how utterly engrossed I am with the storytelling. – Digitally Downloaded
Assassin’s Creed Origins has vastly improved combat and an astoundingly beautiful world to explore, but it felt a little afraid of going all in with its new direction. – VideoGamer
Assassin’s Creed Origins is a triumph, taking the series back to the beginning and allowing players to partake in the genesis of the war between the Templars and the Brotherhood of Assassins. – We Got This Covered
After taking a year off, Assassin’s Creed is going through a transitional period and taking players back to the very founding of the Brotherhood in Ancient Egypt is symbolic of that. The vast new setting, the improved combat system and moving the series towards being a real action RPG have injected this series with a new life. – TheSixthAxis


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But when it’s you and your friends, opening up each other’s guts and smashing heads into paste, you’ll remember why you play Nidhogg in the first place. It’s the first game with a little more love, which is sometimes all a sequel needs to be. – USgamer
It’s easy to suggest Nidhogg 2 on its own merits. It has expanded on the wonderful mechanics of the original and has one of the best soundtracks in recent memory. There isn’t much content here for the solo player, but if you’ve got friends coming over for some friendly competition, the night would not be complete without Nidhogg 2. – Destructoid
Nidhogg 2 is a brutally bizarre tug of war with swords, an attractive grim spectacle of steel and blood that just so happens to be one of the most addictive experiences of the year. It’s a bigger take on the magnificent original game, while avoiding feature bloat as it retains its simple charm with its ghastly and delightful new art direction. – Critical Hit


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The complete package with a good price/performance ratio leads us to a total unchanged judgment compared to what was written in the console review. – Eurogamer Italy
If you’re after an infinite action RPG then Destiny 2 is a few DLC packs and expansions away from that, but if you’re after a regular light dose of beautiful sci-fi shooter fun, the perfect post-pub co-op jolly, or the game that will have your fireteam shouting in joy at your monitors when a raid boss goes down, Destiny 2 is a very well-made shooter and one of the best co-op games on PC. – PC Gamer
I’m officially a fan, and having Destiny 2 on PC is exactly what I’d hoped for all along. – MMORPG.com


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The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild is one of the best games ever made. – Attack of the Fanboy
The largest Zelda? No dispute. The finest launch title for a new console? So, it is. And isn´t it also the best Zelda? Yippee. And something more. Breath of the Wild is so far the best Zelda, which will be unforgettably written in the history of open-world games. – Games.cz
Where it takes mechanics from others in the industry, it improves upon them; where it introduces new ones, you slap your forehead in amazement that it hasn’t been done before. Breath of the Wild is development done right, and damn near the best game you’ll play all year. – GameGrin


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PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds is one of the most compelling video game experiences to come out in years. That its stood out in a year filled with some of the best games ever is a testament to how brilliant it really is. It’s the sort of game I talk about in excited, quick bursts with friends, the kind I think about when I’m not playing it. – FANDOM
Playerunknown’s Battlegrounds is ultimately greatly entertaining, and offers adrenaline filled action of the best kind. Sure, the performance is still not perfect, and the developer need to work more on that, but seen as a whole the experience is fantastic. – Gamer.no
PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds brings the battle royale genre to a smashing mainstream success, packed with memorable moments and action-packed adventures. Solo or with friends, you’re in for an intense ride that’s different every single time. – Game Informer


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If grinding for loot, shooting zombies, and building the coolest forts ever sounds like it’s up your alley, I can’t recommend Fortnite enough. – COGconnected
The ultimate effort of the US home team is to combine the excellent experience of the third-person shooter with foundational elements of some of the most successful works of the last few years, in an effective and convincing manner, at least from the gambling point of view. – Everyeye.it
Our expectations from guys like People Can Fly and Epic are usually a little higher, however Fortnite is a good game, a good mixture of the shooting genre and the tower defense genre, with a focus on building stuff. Not too rich, content-wise, and maybe the price is a little bit too high. – The Games Machine


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It’s extraordinary, really, that after all this time a new Mario game can feel as fresh as any that preceded it. Cappy is a revelation, exploring Kingdoms is bliss, and Super Mario Odyssey is a masterpiece. – VideoGamer
A true masterpiece, that brings perfect balance in difficulty, learning and exploration. Super Mario Odyssey pays homage to the whole saga, and the fun is never-ending thanks to the beautiful crafting of levels, full of secrets and challenges. – Hobby Consolas
With the exception of some very occasional control frustrations, Super Mario Odyssey is a visual, auditory, and structural treat to play from start to finish for anyone at any skill level, and seems to delight in the player’s enjoyment. You will be hard-pressed to stop yourself from visiting the Odyssey over and over again. – App Trigger
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#7 Most Addictive Video Games Of 2017