6 Creepy Horror Video Games That You Should Not Play Alone (2017)

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2017 was particularly an amazing year for Horror Games. While it looks like a dying genre in reality it is not. 2017 proved how Horror Games can be innovative and still stay true to their roots. This is our list of best Horror games of 2017.


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Despite some unsatisfying gameplay systems, Darkwood can provide legitimate thrills and scares for the horror fans that miss the vibes of such classics as Silent Hill 2 and Pathologic without ever using a jump scare. Whether it is the uniquely grotesque art style or the ever-challenging design of its difficulty, Acid Wizard Studio has proven it understands what ingredients make up a good horror experience and the randomised elements of the game allow a unique narrative every time you play. – GameGrin
Due to its demanding nature and deliberate style of gameplay, Darkwood may not be up everyone’s alley. Nonetheless, it’s undeniably a survival horror done right case, entangling the player with its reverie-like ambience in a gnarled realm of mildew smells and ghastly aberrations. – Ragequit.gr
An outstanding story-telling survival of a non-traditional style that plays with the unprecedented feeling and humor on a horror note. The fight does not have to suit everyone, but if games like this are not completely strange to you, the phenomenally tense atmosphere, great art style, and the gorgeous background story you must unravel yourself, will catch and hold you until the end. – Games.cz


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The Evil Within 2 is not a small-scale indie production that can only appeal to a special target group with a certain form of phobia. As an expensive mainstream product it has to compromise. But I think this has been a wonderful success. – GamePro Germany
The Evil Within 2 is definitely one step ahead of its predecessor: a rich, deep and long-lived horror survival. The level of difficulty has been considerably softened. If this makes the title more accessible, on the other hand, it denies that authoritative uniqueness of the title that inspired it. – IGN Italia
Although many (myself included) were somewhat concerned after learning that Mikami would not be the director on this occasion giving the opportunity to John Johanas, the American’s work with a different tone and narrative direction helped the overall experience. – Atomix



Hellblade: Senua’s Sacrifice is beautiful and terrifying at the same time. Its combat mechanics and puzzles are strong, but its true strengths lies with its ability to tell a story and craft a world that differentiates itself from other titles out there. Together, we’re offered an adventure that is equally horrifying and brilliant – a true masterpiece of a game. – Gamer.no
Hellblade is not a game for everybody, but if you are interested in either psychology or Scandinavian myth, this is the game for you. The story and atmosphere will surely engage you and some of the stuff that you experience throughout the game are very original. – BaziCenter
Hellblade: Senua’s Sacrifice offers an unparalleled ambiance that is impacted by the character’s mental illness. With a few imperfections, this games is one to play because you will ultimately remember it, unlike most AAA games. – JeuxActu


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Outlast 2 investigates human perversion from the point of view of a pseudo-religion and its most obscene drifts. It keeps the structure of the previous chapter and manages to satisfy hardcore horror lovers. – SpazioGames
Outlast 2 asks more questions than it answers, and too much is left to your interpretation. This ambiguity might have worked, but it makes the conclusion unsatisfying. Even with its hiccups, it is nonetheless an intense ride that makes you question your sanity. If gory thrills are something you seek, Outlast 2 provides plenty to keep you on the edge of your seat as long as you can look past the clumsy storytelling. – Game InformeR
Outlast 2 is the sole product showing the true potential of Red Barrels. It truly is a horror masterpiece. It’s a little short, and a little easier than the first two entries but still, a must play and probably the best horror game of recent years. – Merlin’in Kazanı (Turkey)



I really don’t have any gripes with Resident Evil 7. The story hooked me, it’s beautiful to look at, and the gameplay is new and refreshing with sprinkles of homage to franchise signatures… whats not to like? – Gaming Age
Capcom has finally done it. It put Resident Evil back on the map as a survival horror force to be reckoned with. At times unbelievably scary, Resident Evil VII is a relentless first person roller coaster ride that brings the goosebumps and washes the bad taste left by previous entries in the series out of your mouth. – PSX-Sense.nl
Resident Evil 7 changes direction from previous games. It goes back to its survival horror foundations: puzzle solving, exploration and avoiding enemies instead of confronting them. It feels great even for newcomers. And it is also the best game anyone can try on PSVR. – Hobby Consolas


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It’s a fantastic, fascinating example of interactive visual storytelling. It would absolutely only work in the form that the developers have created, and it’s a game I’ll no doubt be permanently using as an example in future when I want to illustrate just what can be done in the genre. It’s also an excellent, creepy story which is deftly told, and a game I can recommend without reservation. – Telegraph
In this innovative title from No Code, players can relive classic horror movies and late-night television, enjoy simple, light, but intuitive gameplay, and discover a spine-tingling story that’s guaranteed to keep them on edge long after they’ve finished playing. – The Overpowered Noobs
Stories Untold places a hidden story within a hidden story; a puzzle that only reveals itself once you piece together its outer layers – and it’s one of the most fascinating and unique tales you can play this year. – GameSpew



If you enjoyed Yomawari: Night Alone, you’ll love Midnight Shadows. It keeps the creative elements of its predecessor intact while expanding on some of its finer points. If you haven’t played Night Alone, you can still jump into Midnight Shadows and experience the same surprises as the original, both scary and cute. – Destructoid
Yomawari: Midnight Shadows tells a new story of two young girls and their strong friendship. Those who already appreciated the previous game can give a chance also to this new adventure. – Multiplayer.it
Yomawari Midnight Shadows follows its predecessor in major aspects but is getting better in others like the graphic style and the game’s story. The playability keeps on the same level with minor improvements but is interesting to play. Graphically it has a notable upgrade and the atmosphere maintains a good level from the first game, especially in monster design and sound. – Meristation
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#6 Creepy Horror Video Games That You Should Not Play Alone (2017)