8 Amazing Video Games Ruined By Worst Microtransaction

Do you remember paying $60 for a full game in which you will get everything? You would have to complete challenges and unlock in-game stuff based on your skills. Remember That? Well, Chances are you don’t because that’s not the case anymore. I don’t think I need to explain what is Microtransaction but one thing we all know is that it is destroying modern games and the community. I hate to say but I think gaming as a whole has now evolved into a greedy business. Today we are listing down some great games ruined by microtransaction.


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Evolve offers an excellent mix of competitive and cooperative gameplay but it is buried behind a muddled progression system and lengthy matchmaking / loading times. – Gaming Nexus
Evolve isn’t a bad game, per se, but the rage-inducing technical issues and design oversights, paired with a complete lack of heart-pumping “fight or flight” gameplay that the hype train and the Left 4 Dead series led me to expect have left me feeling unimaginably disappointed, cheated even, and I’m not even one of the countless people who had to pay more than $70 to find this out the hard way. – CGMagazine
While it shows moments of brilliance when played with the right group, Evolve simply can’t consistently promise that level of experience. Play with good friends or play as the monster – but anything else will leave you feeling irritated and unsatisfied. – Critical Hit

 Train Simulator 2015

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A simulator built with an excellent accessibility and all the trappings, ready to offer realism and rewarding challenges to all those fans who will be willing to spend a fortune to buy the infinite plethora of DLCs that represents the only barrier to thousands of miles of fun. – SpazioGames
 Although it has occasional highlights, this game is really let down by sloppy execution and a very serious lack of attention to detail. Sure its fun to drive a train around but if you are forking out £25 for a route it should have mountains of content and not be full of bugs and errors. – Winterspark
I really wanted to like this game, but cannot recommend it. It is basically just a “starter kit” out of the box. In order to add variety to the very few trains and routes, you have to download content and it is EXPENSIVE. I am not going to spend $20 for an engine and another $25 for a route. Way too expensive. To add real variety costs hundreds, even thousands of dollars! The graphics are OK, I think the sounds could be better. So much potential for those who love trains, but so disappointing and frustrating out of the box. – BigMike123

Middle Earth Shadow Of War


This microtransaction crap has to stop. For God’s sake. It’s a 60$ singleplayer game. We already paid for the game. If you buy this, you encourage the companies to put more of this crap into next games. And don’t tell me this **** “you don’t have to pay for microtransactions” Are you really so naive thinking that the game won’t be designed in a specific way to make you pay for it sooner or later? Endless grind and other ****? No, thanks. DON”T BUY THIS. – igit

Microtransactions in an $60 single player game is like buying a nice car and then after driving it for 1 year, a message pops up on the dashboard saying you can only drive a maximum of 40 mph unless you purchase more “credits”.  – RoosterJuice

Loot boxes are not allowed in the 60$ game! We need to fight back now, otherwise tomorrow we will be offered 60$ for the game, then for 80$ for Season pass and for 100$ to open 5-6 boxes in which the entire content of the game will be found. If the WB gets away with it, then this is the future that awaits us all. – Wald_OST

NBA 2K18

Seriously, Im Canadian, i paid 79.99 + tax for a game that I am basically forced to spend another $60 to be playable. Fans are waking up, the greed is unreal, im glad nba live is stepping up, this is blatantly disrespectful for 2k to do this to it’s loyal fanbase – Kronka
You need a lot of VC to upgrade your attributes
You can’t earn VC because you can’t play well without decent attributes

This game is the definition of Pay to Win – Maglen

Holy balls, wtf is this shiat!? You’re kidding me? Are you expecting me to pay 80$ more on your shiat just to have fun, with a game I already paid a small fortune for? 2K, bijatsh, please!  – VincentWarte

Star Wars Battlefront 2

star wars battlefront 2

I honestly can’t believe how bad the practices within this industry have gotten. I want to remind everyone that the best way to combat scum like EA is to vote with your wallets. DO NOT BUY THIS GAME – Maityoman

Pay to pay is not a platform any developer should be going with. This is indefensible. Please do not support these kind of developers. If we don’t show them that we do not agree with these business practices, games like these will become commonplace in due time. – MyHonestReview
Thank you EA for the Microtransactions. Thank you for people as me with Job, Uni or Family we need to play so many hours to achieve for what we have paid for. Thank you for let the least the 1 % of people who are spending thousand of money to destroy games what the rest of 99% is really want to enjoy. The force may be with you EA. – Hippis

Deus Ex – Mankind Divided

How do you destroy an amazing franchise? Give it to Eidos Montreal. Like Thief 4, here we have another bland dumbed down version of a beloved game, only this time the gameplay really hasn’t changed much since Human Revolution, making it feel like we’ve been there, done that. Is there anything left from the first Deus Ex here? Anything at all? The spirit of the original is gone, and the beginning of the game is something you’d find straight out of a Call of Duty game. “Ramirez, we’re dropping you on the roof–go in and extract the hostage because reasons!” – ThereIsNoSpoon
I expected great things of Deus Ex Mankind Divided. Instead, I just ended up with a feeling of meh. The aug system is unintuitive and non-user friendly. Once you disable a aug you can’t enable it again. Seriously? Horrible gameplay decision by the devs. – Unicron35
Poor performance, 3 crashes and a game breaking bug in the first hour, terrible cover mechanics, 1-use day 1 DLC, and microtrans business practices so sleazy it makes me want to take shower. – bluejay3463

Forza Motorsport 7


Worst game in the series and I have been playing since FM2. The actual driving is pretty much the same as Forza 6. This game just offers a few new tracks and about 24 new cars.

The game have obviously been designed for microtransaction – ForzaTrash

Forza Motorsport 7 is a game designed around micro transactions. A series once beloved by me is now a shell of it’s fromer self. I have said it before and I will again but when you intend to sell microtransactions that aren’t just cosmetic and based around skipping large chunks of a game tell me your game isn’t worth playing to begin with. This nickel and diming players NEEDS to stop – GamerJosh0137

FM7 is just a big scam. I’ve never been so disappointed. I have the ultimate edition and the VIP is not a VIP anymore. Double credits only for a limited number of races?? What the hell? And the stupid loot boxes! The economy in this game is so bad that Turn10 will push you to BUY those boxes with REAL MONEY. Microtransactions are coming back.  – watchoutch02

Dead Space 3


I used to be a real Dead Space fan. I played the first two games many times, but back then they were not action games. Dead Space 3 is packed with mini transactions and fails to scare the player. – Razark9
This game was such a huge disappointment… The crappy crafting system, the retarded enemy ai, the predictable “take the long way” situations, fetch quests similar to those in a repetitive and boring mmo in a single player “horror” story. The replacement of bad-ass Ellie to “damsel in distress can’t do sh*t myself anymore” version of Ellie. Plot holes, the plot itself, micro-transactions to play a single-player game. – Mortacxo
EA you’ve done it again. You’ve ruined another franchise for me. Honestly though this game is overall bad in my opinion. The first one was pretty good but popup scares wore down and it just became bland. Second one was more action than horror and the third one was Lost Planet: Dead Space Edition. The first thing that pissed me off was ammo was for all guns. The second thing was the micro transactions. The third thing was this story. – BakaGamer
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#8 Amazing Video Games Ruined By Worst Microtransaction